Maybe Annie Should Get Her Gun…

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So if you’re a dad, or you have one, or you know one, or you married one, you’re well aware that this is a big week for Pops everywhere. Turns out,  Father’s Day is very much afoot. So this week we’ll be asking you to select your favorite TV Dads, Movie Padres, Rock Poppas  — the whole Dadchilada. And when you’re done, we’ll cap it all off on Friday and let the world know which fathers were your faves. So get started on these Daddy polls! Now — in addition to Dads, you know in this blog we talk about TV. And movies. And music. We address entertainment in general, with an eye towards what people do and do not like. Sometimes we discuss a celebrity’s selection – howsomever dubious – of a particular role. Or spouse. But there’s one very significant medium to which we’ve not devoted one iota of attention, far as I know. And it certainly warrants some. Or at least it will today. See, for those people who weren’t aware that Little Orphan Annie, beloved redhead of TV, stage and film, was originally a comic strip (and I’m one of them), it’s time to take note. Because that she is. And now? Time to say buh-bye. Because she’s ended her 86-year comic-strip reign, and her parent (not to be confused with Daddy Warbucks) Tribune Media Services has announced that as of yesterday Annie will be in newspapers no more – although they did try to sound vague about where she’ll pop up next (don’t they always do that?) Nor did they send her off with a fond happily-ever-after farewell, either.  Apparently our fave pupil-free redhead is stranded somewhere in Guatemala with a guy called the Butcher of the Balkans. (So not only was I unaware of Annie’s comic strip status — but I also had zero idea that she dealt in  hard-core international terror-based intrigue). Now  because she’s a beloved icon, we’re going to focus today’s poll on that li’l carrot-top. Before we do, however — did you   catch  the 64th Annual Tony Awards last night on CBS? Both Scarlett Johansson & Catherine Zeta-Jones took home their first golden statuettes, and Denzel got one too, while Sean Hayes hosted Broadway’s annual awards gala. I caught some of it, and noted that this year’s broadcast featured two things it’s never had before: Glee and American Idiot. Two wildly popular living organisms with insane followings who could conceivably bring more cred, cool, and viewers to the Tony b-cast (which unfortunately tends not to give other awards shows a huge run for their money.) So it was great to see the hit TV show and the multiple-Grammy winner/Broadway musical out in full force. And while I love me some Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, I did have a teensy query about Matt’s wardrobe. He sang All I Need is the Girl (from Gypsy, if you were curious) and though fantastic, he might have dressed differently. Here’s why: the song’s all about how dolled up a fella gets for a night on the town, when of course none of it matters – in the end, it’s really all about a gal. And while Morrison is in part of a tux, he’s not even wearing the tie he references, the vest is undone, etc. Oh sure, he’s casual chic, but for my money (and this won’t be a popular opinion) he ought to have been more formally attired, if he’s gonna sing about it. Just saying. That said, he’s still magnificent. Now speaking of big Broadway shows, let’s get back to Annie (who certainly was that as well). Not exactly sure what’ll become of our multiple-media heroine who won’t be gracing  newspapers any longer. Although the good news is that she, like so many other big names, could be headed for the web. It’s where everyone’s going, you know. So now, let’s take a peek at four comic strips. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these is your favorite:

1)    Annie

2)    Peanuts

3)    Calvin & Hobbs

4)    Cathy

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