Webby Does New York

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More Delicious Dads gracing the pages of this site …don’t forget to cast your vote in our exclusive ET poll.So you know we have the PCAs. And when it comes to awards shows, of course there are also the Oscars. Plus who can forget the Emmys and the Grammys – or even the Tonys? Why am I asking these obvious questions (other than for dramatic effect)? Well here’s the thing:  do you know about the Webbys? If you don’t, trust me, you’ll want to. Not as well known as the others, but absolutely, positively, (& digitally) one of the cooler events out there. If you’ve ever wanted to have at your disposal just the right pop culture reference, mention the Webby Awards this weekend at a party and see who knows what you’re talking about (before shunning those who don’t). This is crest of the wave/next big thing stuff that belongs on your radar. And it happened this week. Specifically, Monday. The 14th Annual Webbys took place in New York City. Where they handed out prizes to the very best websites, and to the very smart, creative whizkids of all ages who created them. The Office’s BJ Novak hosted (we caught up with the PCA winner-see video below), and he was joined by a bevy of celebs that included Jimmy Fallon, Will Arnett, Lisa Kudrow, Isabella Rossellini and Jason Bateman. David Bowie was one of the judges (see what I mean?) We were of course there, and chatted with web wunderkind Ben Folds (more on him later). They even had two of the guys who actually invented the internet on hand  (sorry, Al). Of course it wouldn’t have been a proper recognition of the pheeenom that is the  www had they not honored Twitter, the ubiquitous chatter tool that’s taken the country (and John Mayer) by storm. Plus Webby Breakout Award? You guessed it: Chatroulette. Strangely addictive, they say. Me? Too scared to go near it. Someone I would go near was their Web Person of the Year, Roger Ebert. The peerless movie critic who has done genuinely remarkable things with his blog, despite a more-than-debilitating illness. Speaking of which – or not, as is the case  – here’s the thing with all that: the Webbys added a feature from which every awards show should take a cue: 5 words. If you won something you had to thank them in 5 words or less. Period. That’s it. Zip. No mas. Ebert himself limited his remarks to “Veni, vidi, vici.” From winner Amy Poehler, we had: “Me, you, P.S. 22, dance party.” Another winner, internet music sensation Pandora said “Didn’t kill the radio star”. Which I thought was pretty genius.  Anyway, if you want to know more, check out the Webbys themselves and you’ll be amazed at how many sites you know – and even more amazed by the ones we totally take for granted. The whole concept may give you a new perspective on where we’re headed. And even if Chatroulette’s still foreign, the rest of the internet might actually become less so. So in today’s poll, voice your choice and let us know which Webby Awards participant is your favorite?

1) Judge-David Bowie

2) Winner-Amy Poehler

3) Host-B.J. Novak

4) Presenter-Jason Bateman

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