Weekend Flicks & Walk Of Fame Picks

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It’s Friday – the Movie Day that couldn’t come soon enough. And quite frankly, what with all the stress of the championship basketball and World Cup soccer that I’m not watching, I genuinely feel the need to kick back and relax at one of the big movies opening over the next few weeks: A) Toy Story 3 or B) Grown Ups. Now I’ll probably skip “A”, because I’m now a “B” – but both will likely draw big crowds. In fact I’m pretty sure “A” will be a whopping box office triumph (that is until a certain rainy-day idyll set in the tiny town of Forks obliterates everything in its midst come June 30th). This weekend, my money’s on the reunion comedy Grown Ups, and I’m pretty sure this movie will be what I call a “Forgotten Two” (you absolutely and blissfully forget where you are for two hours during the movie, although two hours after the movie you have zero recollection of its content). This is not to be confused with a “Lost Two”(a movie where you leave the theatre in a blue rage, demanding to know how you’re ever going to recover the two hours lost from your rapidly dwindling life). Usually you can tell by the trailer into which category a movie might fall, and if you’re like me, a comedy – even if it’s really bad —  can still fall into the Forgotten Two group if it’s a cute concept or it stars Michael Cera and/ or Jason Bateman. I have walked out of only two movies in my life; one of them was called The Cars That Ate Paris which was gory and I didn’t understand, and the other was Being John Malkovich which was ghastly and I didn’t understand. When you put Cameron Diaz in a cage is when you stop making movies through which I’ll sit. Nor do I have any kind of special affinity for Cameron Diaz – I just thought it was ridiculous and it was robbing me of precious laundry-doing/ lightbulb-changing/thank-you note writing/ ashtray coin-sorting time. To be fair,  I’m certain Being John Malkovich also wafted artily over my head and that the people who enjoyed it (and I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t) just know & can appreciate something I don’t. So moving on. With good news. America Ferrera is     engaged  and Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford are actually married. Bravo, appealing actors. And in the Even More Recognition Department, they’ve  finally settled on those Tinseltown luminaries who will receive Stars for 2011 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are Oprah, Tina Fey, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny DeVito,  and Ed O’Neill in the TV category, with film Stars going to Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Donald Sutherland & the Muppets, just to name a few.  In music, PCA’s own Rascal Flatts will be honored as well. Do we suppose Donald Sutherland is at all curious about how many films he made before Reese Witherspoon learned to eat solid food?  Or do we assume that he, a Canadian, is just polite and gracious about it? Not sure. But congrats to that gang. In fact, let’s take your Walk of Fame Star temperature. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these 4  new Hollywood Star recipients is your favorite:

1) Oprah

2) Neil Patrick Harris

3) Tina Fey

4) The Muppets

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