An Off-Broadway Gem in New York City

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Day Three in our Michael Jackson week; check the special PCA/ET poll and let us know how you feel about the words and music of the King Of Pop. Who passed away this week – tomorrow in fact – last year.  Then  tune into ET tomorrow evening to see your voting results…

So right now I’m in New York City, in pretty substantial heat, listening to people wonder just who Lady Gaga thinks she is (after a very publicized baseball outing where she sported nylons and apparently not much else and allegedly became irritated with fans). But these kinds of contretemps seem somehow appropriate for New York – and New Yorkers – who are nothing if not direct and passionate (and I happen to think it’s pretty much the greatest city on earth). So last night I got to see some unbelievable theater, right here in the Big Apple. I went with Fred Nelson,          president of the PCA’s (look for him on Entertainment Tonight with poll results) and we caught Private Practice star Kate Walsh in an off-Broadway play called Dusk Rings A Bell, written by NY playwright/screenwriter  Stephen Belber and also starring Paul Sparks. Let me start with the bad news: you’ve only got 2 days left to see this thing. The good news?  If you can get yourself a ticket (it’s playing at the Atlantic Theater) you are in for a major treat indeed. Both Walsh and Sparks are completely mesmerizing as two lost souls who reencounter one another twenty-five years after sharing a memorable kiss on a summer night. Over the course of the next hour and a half, both offer startling revelations, and the whole thing keeps you entertained , thrilled and kind of on-the-edge of your seat  as you unravel the mysteries of what went down  in the intervening years. The whole thing is superb, Walsh and Sparks couldn’t be better matched and the writing is a glorious combination of verbal pyrotechnics,  nuance, dry humor and astonishing plot twists. Dusk Rings A Bell rocked, and if the people behind it are smart, they’ll make a movie out of it. That way even if you can’t make one of the final performances, it’ll open up in the not-too-distant at a cineplex near you.  That’s the word on one of New York City’s cooler off-Broadway offerings – an amazing play, played amazingly. Really terrific stuff. So that’s theater. Now let’s get to film because as you know tomorrow is Friday and there are a couple of brand new movies afoot. Like Grown Ups – which I have to say looks genuinely funny. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these guys in it is your favorite:

1) Adam Sandler

2) David Spade

3) Chris Rock

4) Kevin James

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