The Bachelor’s Sly Plot Twists & Weekend Movies

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So one year ago today Michael Jackson passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy and permanently altering popular music (I was going to write  “popular music as we know it” but then it occurred to me that Michael Jackson essentially is/was popular music exactly as we know it — people in my age cohort didn’t know anything else). Tonight, be sure to tune into Entertainment Tonight on CBS, where PCA President Fred Nelson will reveal  the official results of your voting in our exclusive Michael Jackson polls.

So let’s follow up on this week’s discussion of The Bachelor (since there are least a handful of people somewhere on       this earth who still believe that  “jilted engagement heartbreak story”.) Turns out, it gets better. And fortunately, both Jake and Vienna have been able to build his and her in-ground pools with the proceeds from the dueling tabloids to whom they sold their corresponding post-breakup tales). Now it seems Jake and Vienna agreed to one final on-camera conversation with Bachelor host Chris Harrison (because isn’t the first place any of us go following a nasty breakup a large television recording studio? It’s what I’ve always done with my exes, and boy is it cathartic.) Surprisingly, the interview was super-tense, and ended with some furious stomping off – but it will of course make for an extremely popular segment when it gets broadcast on The Bachelorette July 5th.  I bet it will.  More curious to me right now than this absurd situation is how exactly a man like Chris Harrison – despite the fact that he’s probably one of the puppet masters, and he’s clearly in on everything – is still appealing, and quite a likable guy to watch. How do they do that?

Speaking of appealing and likable, let’s talk about movies. Two big ones in theaters today: Knight and Day and Grown Ups. Both have smirky, ironic, self-satisfied titles but in my opinion only one of them has a smirky, ironic, self-satisfied star. Not gonna say who, though. Now you all voted on Grown Ups in yesterday’s poll and you’re pretty committed to the alpha-clown, Adam Sandler and his lovable sidekick Kevin James.  Me? I prefer some of his comedy minions but I realize these types of movies are usually Adam’s party. He seems to be the one who gets them made. And as I said yesterday, the movie looks pretty funny. In the language of my (very sophisticated) movie categorization process, it looks like a Forgotten Two (where you happily forget where you are for two hours during the film, followed by a nearly complete memory erasure of the film two hours after you exit). Now, if you haven’t already been hit over the head with the barrage of advertising for the film, all you need to know is that it’s about five buds who return to school after many years following the death of their high school basketball coach. Knight and Day on the other hand, is a totally different caper. It’s  about a couple of really good-looking secret agents who meet cute and immediately embark on a global wild goose chase. Oh wait, isn’t that the plot of Killers/Mr. And Mrs. Smith/ Duplicity. In addition to Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz,  it does boast some apparently unbelievable locales (and if the goss is to be believed, astonishing stunts as well). So what’ll it be? Which of these two films will you see this weekend? Oh heck, let’s throw the big blockbuster in as well — in case you’d not yet caught Buzz & Woody’s latest. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these summer films you’re most excited about:

1) Grown Ups

2) Knight and Day

3) Toy Story 3

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