No More Office for Steve Carell?!?

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You really like Dick Clark. You really, really do. And if yesterday’s poll is any indication, his tribute was your favorite part of Sunday’s Daytime Emmys. Now two things I’d like to bend your ear with today. First, esteemed finance mag and website Forbes has listed its 100 Most Powerful Celebrities this year. Who doesn’t love a list? And what’s better than a list of attractive people lumped together simply because they are super-affluent and in the public eye? So suddenly last year’s # 1 – Angelina Jolie – has plummeted to # 18. This seems like quite a fall. Here’s what I want to know: is this a popularity contest? Or are the folks at Forbes putting Baby in the Corner because she has six children and she’s a Goodwill Ambassador with no big movies & not earning enough? (It’s a complicated formula but it does boil down to earnings. Which is why Beyonce is #2.) But the big news is that the jettisoning of Angie also means Oprah returns to her place atop the heap. She’s just a little bit more powerful than almost anybody on earth. Nor will I ever argue that point: I feel like if she was so inclined, Oprah could run for President and give many, many opposing party suits genuine and horrific nightmares. And maybe even win. Who knows.  Anyway, the Forbes’ list is fascinating, if not entirely shocking (particularly since there are athletes on it that even I could have guessed which means they must be pretty universally “celebrated”). Plus my personal fave, U2 is #7. Maybe Bono can save the world after all.  By the same token, there are several people on the Forbes’ list who were nowhere near these stratospheric heights last year.  Two of them are starring in a movie that I’m going to see, oh, tomorrow when it opens nationwide.  Matter of fact, I’ll probably ask you about some of the stars on the Forbes’ ranking in tomorrow’s poll.

But there’s another bit of notable Hollywood news I’d like to address.  And it’s all about Steve Carell…currently starring in Despicable Me (which closed the LA Film Fest Sunday, and hits theaters July 9th) and also starring in the soon-to-arrive Dinner for Schmucks (that meal begins on July 30th).  Okay.  Hugely beloved.  Wildly popular among his costars.  Reportedly one of the most humble men in Hollywood.  A PCA fave.  One of those guys who made it really big in TV and then leapt successfully from TV to film (and not everyone can pull this off, see under: LeBlanc, M., Schwimmer, D. ).  But Steve Carell did, and now he’s announced that it might be time for him to close his Office door after this next seventh season. (He was contractually obligated to do that much). My guess is he’s going all out on the film front, and further guesswork on my part says he’ll be a hit.  But – will you miss him on the little screen? If you had to spend an entire Saturday watching Steve Carell vehicles but you could only watch his movies OR The Office (but not both) which would you pick? And that’s not even today’s poll. So here goes. Let’s assume Steve Carell is leaving TV and he wants to make lots more big funny movies. If that’s the plan (and even if it isn’t) voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which Steve Carell film is your favorite

1)    Date Night

2)    Anchorman

3)    Evan Almighty

4)   The 40 Year Old Virgin

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