Eclipse & Larry King’s Replacement?

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So how’s your week going? Seen any good movies lately?  Let’s start with the nuts and bolts of it all:  to no one’s surprise, Eclipse has already set box office records. The Tuesday midnight showing? $30 million dollars. (Just FYI, Eclipse cost $68 million to make so they’ll probably have earned it all back around suppertime this evening, I’d say). By Sunday, the film’s studio Summit Entertainment will have brought in enough cash to a) eradicate most of Third World Debt b) develop and maintain the first lunar condominium colony or c) make quite a few more movies.  Numbers aside, if you’ve ever wondered about the Twilight Saga, if you’ve thought it childish/silly/creepy/adolescent/melodramatic and/or a boring conceit, this is an excellent opportunity to see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Bottom line, this one – the third movie in the franchise – absolutely stands on its own as a good old -fashioned action drama. You don’t have to know anything about the story at all to enjoy it. Guiltiest pleasure of the year. So you might want to check it out — if only to prove yourself right. And who knows, perhaps you’ll enjoy it. The story (and hinted sexuality) is bolder, the pecs are bigger, the action sequences better, the vamps broodier, and the whole thing’s just a great summer ride. Plus it’s something else quite rare in a big holiday-weekend drama with hot guys, airborne baddies and quivering heroines: funny. And so what if the battle scenes look like Abercrombie & Fitch commercials – is that so wrong? Talk about forgetting where you are for two hours. But don’t take my word on Eclipse. Over the next few days ask someone more cerebral, with more refined tastes and objectivity than I ( they’re not hard to find) and see if they don’t recommend Eclipse. Now I’ll stop talking about it. And start talking about this   Larry King thing (he’s announced he’s stepping down) … because even though it may very well have been time for him to go, it seems like an awful lot of people are taking shots at him these days. Which is fine, everybody’s entitled to their opinion, and when you work in the public eye you get subjected to the scrutiny n’ scorn of that same public eye. But the fact remains that he did sort of pioneer key elements of the talk show format, no? He’s rather  legendary, and when I watch people like David Letterman skewer him, I wonder if there’s a difference between  roasting and ridiculing. Or maybe it’s that late-night talk show hosts – who are indeed masters of the pointed barb – ought to know better when someone is getting older. Then again maybe my sense that people are getting meaner stems from the fact that I’m getting older. And sure the guy’s a cantankerous and very stylized fellow whose style is custom made for parody; still, he may deserve more respect. The big question now is who will replace him. News reports suggest it will be Piers Morgan, the guy who judges America’s Got Talent. King himself is favoring another media Idol.  Now it’s your turn. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us who you think should take over for Larry King when he steps down this fall:

1)    Piers Morgan

2)    Ryan Seacrest

3)    Katie Couric

4)    Jeff Probst

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