Pick Your Power Lunch Date

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And we’re back to work.  Hope you had a great Fourth. Turns out, The Last Airbender did, (despite less-than-stellar reviews) bringing in $70 million in attendance bucks for the holiday weekend. Nowhere near the $175 million that Eclipse rang up, but you can’t win ‘em all and then again, we sorta knew that was going to happen, didn’t we?  The good news is that despite our really-less-than-stellar economy, Americans are certainly taking lots of refuge in cool dark rooms for about two hours at a time. And speaking of ridiculously scripted unscripted reality TV shows, did anyone happen to catch Jake and Vienna’s “visit” on The Bachelorette last night? Their combined post-broken-engagement-watch-me-sell-MY-story–to-the-highest-bidding-magazine visit? Don’t know why that situation seems so irritating (it’s supposed to, and thus I tuned in, and thus THEY won. When am I going to learn?)  Let’s just say   when the School of  Mediocrity & Disingenuousness has its senior prom, we won’t have to look far for a king and a queen. So right here we’re smack dab in the middle of summer and a quick trip to the newsstand typically yields one thing (besides the press’ ongoing obsession with Justin Bieber): Lists. Everywhere you look, the Lists are here. Best of Summer.  Best New Reality Shows. Best Real Housewives. Summer Movies You Can’t Miss (With Advertising You Couldn’t Possibly Miss). Best Fall TV. Best Summer TV Til We Get Serious Again With Fall TV. Best Summer Music. Best Summer  Music Tours That Haven’t Been Canceled Yet. You get the drill. And quite honestly I’m a  major list devotee who genuinely wonders about anyone currently roaming the earth who doesn’t actually appreciate a good old-fashioned list of attractive people and their various projects. Which brings me to that Forbes Celebrity Power 100 list. This is the one where Oprah’s on top, with Beyonce and James Cameron nipping at her Jimmy Choos. The list has movie stars, TV stars, singers and athletes too, and they arrive at the ranking via a combo of criteria that involves paychecks, popularity and well, the capacity each one has for just getting stuff done. In the next few weeks I’m hoping you’ll weigh in on some of these stars in various categories, but for now, let’s start with an easy one. We’ll take the top four on the list and rather than just go with a favorite power celeb, let’s imagine you get to have a meal with one of these people. Just the two of you – no press, no cameras, no publicity types, you’re all alone (guess that means one or both of you will be doing the cooking). And so you get to have lunch and talk completely off the record about anything you want with that Forbes fave. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these four Power Celebs you’d most want to sit down to an up-close and personal meal with… would it be:

1)    Oprah

2)    Beyonce

3)    James Cameron

4)    Lady Gaga

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