Who Do You Think Deserves an Emmy?

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Well today everyone’s talking about Lindsay Lohan and the fact that she’s slated to spend 90 days in jail. Now believe it or not, I am neither a movie star nor have I ever been to jail. And despite being just as mystified by her antics as anybody else, I’m pretty sure jail is a fairly miserable place to be, no matter who you are. So maybe now’s   when we ought to leave that genuinely disturbing situation alone, hope that the comedians do too (which they won’t), opt for a teensy bit of compassion and talk about something fluffy and upbeat like the Emmy Awards. Because they are enroute – they’ll be broadcast on August 29th with Jimmy Fallon hosting  – and if you’re wondering why on earth I’m bothering you with this now, there’s actually a reason. See, tomorrow they announce the Emmy nominees. And tomorrow means that we’ll either have a repeat of last year’s Emmys (fun, to be sure and hosted by the charming, multitalented  & swellelegant Neil Patrick Harris) where lots of shows (good /critically lauded/ genuinely deserving  but largely established ones) win yet again, OR we will see an infusion of NEW nominations for what many are calling some of the best rookie shows in years. In fact, last year I actually got to go to the Emmys with PCA Prez Fred Nelson, which was beyond fun. And if you live in Southern California, which I do most of the time, and you venture out of your home (or climb out of your car – same thing) the first thing you notice is that nobody, but nobody, gets dressed up. Most days, roughly 365 of them, you feel like you’re part of an Old Navy advertisement for Cute Summer Separates. The only time anyone gets dressed up is when a) people have to appear in court b) people have to appear in movies or TV shows about appearing in court or c) people go to cool awards shows where they get gussied up – chiefly because these shows are broadcast for folks living in places where everyone doesn’t dress like a third grader at the beach. Nor am I complaining (even though it might look/feel/smell/sound like I am;) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dressing down, it’s just sort of a treat to dress up. And quite honestly, who doesn’t look better dressed up? Sure Johnny Depp is splendid even when attired like some Dickensian halfwit pickpocket, but put him in a suit? Even better. Which may be why so many people are fans of Mad Men. And would it be so terrible if everyone dressed like that all the time?  If we manifested that whole Mad Men thing? Sure we’d all have to weather  deep undercurrents of sexism, bigotry and embrace bourbon and cigarettes as a legitimate food group, but those obstacles surmounted, wouldn’t everyone look that much snappier? It’s probably safe to say that Mad Men will be one of the shows that gets several Emmy nods this year. (They won last year too). Plus, with Lost gone, pundits are predicting some kind of posthumous windfall there as well. But what about the newbies?  What about the shows that have absolutely nothing to do with Tina Fey? With this in mind, let’s throw out four shows now for YOUR Emmy consideration. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these you think is most deserving of an Emmy nomination:

1)    Glee

2)    Sons of Anarchy

3)    The Good Wife

4)    Modern Family

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