Do You Agree With Emmy Noms?

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Emmy nods went out yesterday; in case you missed them  (or you don’t care or weren’t paying attention, which is perfectly legit). Today’s blog will tell you everything you need to know in case you’re stuck at a dinner this weekend where everyone’s blabbing  about them. If you find yourself in such a spot, here are some things you might consider saying. When your mother-in-law asks “So what did you think of the Emmy nominations?” simply pause for a moment before saying:  “You know, I was so very pleased that they decided to step outside their comfort zone and recognize some of the newer and even rookie shows.” That’s really the gist of it – announce that and you’re covered. Now, if a pesky old aunt says “But what about Everybody Loves Raymond? Why didn’t they get a prize?” you can explain that it’s no longer on television, but that there are some new funny ones. “Like Glee…” you can say. “And Modern Family, and not really funny — but smart? The Good Wife”.  When the small child sitting next to you says “But I only watch cable. It’s how I roll”,  you can calmly say “In that case, you’re probably thrilled with those nods for Nurse Jackie and True Blood – they’re sharp and they’re getting the attention they deserve”.  Now, when your vaguely annoying neighbor says “Oh yeah?  You just agree with it all? Where’s your spine?” You can answer with: “Well, I’m no Pollyanna. I think Community was snubbed. I wish they’d given Sons of Anarchy some love.  Lost is gone – so what, we forget all about Sawyer? “ This is when the children at the end of the table will sit up and take notice because they didn’t know you had an opinion. You can continue with “I mean really – where was Tate Donovan from Damages? And speaking of FX, it’s a new show but maybe Justified’s Timothy Olyphant should have been recognized…” and then you return to your meal and say nothing. Here, when people are clearly regarding you with newfound respect, you can put your napkin down  saying “And another thing… what’s so wrong with Ed O’Neill? The guy is amazing. Why’d they leave him out?” Here someone will probably interject “You’re absolutely right!” and then you can say “But you know, they did nominate Jim Parsons and they skipped Charlie Sheen. So that’s good”.  Finally, just to wrap it all up, simply affix a beatific smile to your face and say “Of course, who am I to argue with Emmy recognition for Parks & Rec? Or Tina Fey? That woman is so talented they should just make her some kind of national treasure”.  And you’re all set. Now most of you reading this blog are probably more well versed in TV than anyone else on this planet, so you probably won’t be interested in these suggestions. But they’re there if you need them. Most of you have probably moved on to movies. Because it is Friday. Where of course you might catch The Kids Are Alright which is also known by its alternate title: “Oscar Bait” – so good is the Annette Bening/Julianne Moore/Mark Ruffalo work. Perhaps you’ll go see Despicable Me with the voices of Steve Carell and Russell Brand and Julie Andrews, which may also wind up in pretty serious Oscar contention for animation. Perhaps you’ll throw caution (and bravery and maybe even your last meal) to the wind and see the very gory action flick Predators – which will be very popular among the young men. Or maybe you’ll just relax because you’ve earned it, especially since you had to listen to people talking about the Emmys all week.

If you do decide to go to the movies, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us what you’ll likely see first this weekend:

1)    The Kids Are All Right

2)    Despicable Me

3)   Predators

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