New Summer Shows: What’s Your Favorite?

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Ten bucks says Sela Ward was, oh, more than delighted to work for a little less cash than Melina Kanakaredes. I’m willing to wager this astronomical sum on account of the fact that CBS has now confirmed that Ward got the nod to replace the departing CSI: New York star. Reportedly, Melina balked – and walked – after being asked to take a pay cut. (By the way, when you hear about a pay cut at that level, do you wonder what this actually means? Are we talking about an actual reduction in Melina’s salary or is she simply not getting the huge annual raise that must already be built into her contract? Her costar Gary Sinise was reportedly just bumped up to $5 million a year, according to CBS). Nor have I ever devoted this much ink to any of the CSI programs; I know they are superb shows but they can be way too creepy for me. An inveterate scaredy cat, I don’t like to watch TV or movies to do with crime scenes, let alone those with the phrase “Crime Scene” in the title.                                                                                

Oh, and Vince Vaughn’s all set to become a dad. Bravo there. Does anyone have trouble envisioning Vince  handing out cigars and slapping unsuspecting people on the back to celebrate fatherhood? I don’t. And, how about the fact that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem actually got married?  The couple tied the knot in a small private ceremony in the Bahamas. Now, I’d like to talk about their respective Oscars, their enormous talent & and each one’s sense of personal conviction. Their deep commitment to various causes and longstanding affiliation with important philanthropic groups. But I really can’t, because all I can think about is how astonishingly and spectacularly beautiful they both are. Sometimes you just have to be a little shallow about things.

So yesterday you all choose your favorite from four of the True Blood guys. Have you been catching the show? And if so, what do you think about it – is it a) titillating b) intriguing c) scandalous or d) pushing the envelope too far? I am a big fan of the series,  and I remember watching  the pilot &  thinking that the sex might have been a little over-the-top for my tastes, but then again, it is HBO. And didn’t somebody somewhere say that Sex Sells? I feel sure they did. Speaking of television, who’s tuning into summer’s new shows? According to reports, over 7 million  people caught the premiere of newby  Rizzoli & Isles, making that lady duo crime drama the one of the most popular cable TV debuts ever. Did you catch it? We’re going to be talking about more summer TV in the coming weeks (including a very special drama that should make this Friday a must-see family movie night). But first, let’s take your pulse. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these new summer shows you’re most excited about:

1)    Covert Affairs

2)    Rizzoli &  Isles

3)    The Bridge

4)    The Good Guys

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