Who’s The Best Cable Guy?

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First up, a note to PCA’s French readership: I hope everyone is fully recovered from the revelry, merriment and full-on partying that went down yesterday on account of it being Bastille Day. For the rest of us, here’s hoping your Wednesday was another pleasant & seamless blip as we progress through the crazy hot summer. Filled as it is with cool entertainment – I told you about The Kids Are All Right and I Am Love, right? Definitely worth seeing, and you’ll be so glad you did come Oscar time. Plus, Inception is afoot – I’ll be there this weekend, but I may leave Sorcerer’s Apprentice to the kids. Besides, they don’t need my lucre, that one will clean up big time at the box office. Now, judging from yesterday’s summer TV poll, everyone seems to like Rizzoli & Isles – or at least they like Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, who play the two aesthetically-contrasted crime-busting leads. You guys seem to like Covert Affairs, and you were so-so on The Bridge, and would maybe like to give it some more time (Now FYI,  The Bridge is actually a Canadian police drama, which means it might be a little more,  shall we say, nuanced and subtle so it’s quite possible that what we think is missing is more of the good old USA’s in-your-face-butt-kicking-action. But that’s just a guess.) And people seem on the fence about The Good Guys. I don’t happen to think that Bradley Whitford does a whole lot wrong in front of a camera, and Colin Hanks is also quite talented, so having seen a few episodes I’m already a fan. Now I mentioned yesterday that we’ve got a pretty cool show coming up on TV tomorrow night and one of the reasons it’ll be a hit is because nobody needs to get a sitter. So already it’s looking promising. And how about the fact that it’s a made-for-TV movie that was especially made (for -TV and ) for the whole family? So you can actually make it a family movie night. This one’s called The Jensen Project (tomorrow, NBC) and I’m telling you today so you have a little heads up, and I’ll get into greater detail tomorrow, but suffice it to say it involves the following elements: a) intrigue b) science fiction c) a secret community of geniuses c) potentially dangerous technology that “goes missing” d) rogue factions and  e) Kellie Martin. Hooked? This thing genuinely looks good. Now because it’s summer, this means it’s okay to devote some attention to aspects of entertainment that might live, oh, somewhere along the surface of things. That is to say, I was at the grocery store a few weeks back and I happened to pick up a copy of TV Guide which had a very fun article all about some of cable’s best “Guilty Pleasures”, featuring the stars of White Collar, Royal Pains and Burn Notice. With a good interview and turns out? I know it sounds inconceivable — preposterous, really — but evidently they’re totally charming. Without any further ado, let’s take a peek at three of TV’s more appealing leads – the dashing semi-reformed rogue, the excommunicated spy, and the ultimate house-calling doc. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these three cable stars is your favorite:

1)    Matt Bomer

2)   Mark Feuerstein

3)   Jeffrey Donovan

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