On TV: Tonight’s Best Bet

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Well, judging from the landslide of responses we got from yesterday’s poll, it sure looks like Matt Bomer will never have to look for another job, white collar or otherwise. Seems Matt and his hunky cable cohorts Jeffrey Donovan and Mark Feuerstein have themselves some pretty, em, devoted fans, to say the least. And lots of you had kind words for Psych’s James Roday – more on him later. But of course it’s Friday, and this means  movie day, natch. My favorite day of the week. Nor should this weekend’s flicks disappoint – we have Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Christopher Nolan (the guy behind The Dark Knight) and this will probably be very exciting, maybe kinda scary, and extremely popular. Same with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (although that might not be too scary, especially since it’s made for the young). Tonight, however, I’m thinking you might want to bail on the cineplex idea altogether and try something different. In fact you’re probably far better off skipping the crowds, saving some cash, and relaxing at home because as I mentioned yesterday (not that anybody read the blog, you were all far too busy racing off  to vote for Matt Bomer) there’s actually a great movie on TELEVISION that you may just want to check out. Nor should you watch it alone (no, it’s not creepy). See, NBC’s got a cool sci-fi adventure film on this evening that actually hearkens back to a distant time when it was legitimately & honestly fun to watch a movie with your relatives. Remember family movie night? When TV movies were actually good & cheese-free? When you could gather with siblings and parents and it felt in no way ironic, awkward, or water-treadingly boring? Well, NBC’s managed to find a movie that fits that bill. Seriously. All you need are the 3P’s (popcorn, pizza and pajamas) and then you can simply let The Jensen Project take care of the entertainment. Here’s the deal: it’s all about a family that unwittingly finds itself back (after 16 years) inside a community of geniuses (you know how it is). Next thing you know, they’ve got to make sure super-precious technology that could permanently imperil the word as we know it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands (and of course if it does,  all “H”-“E”- double hockey sticks will break loose). Plus there are breathless chase scenes, very cool effects, and plenty of funny lines from a very strong cast. And who doesn’t like a little dangerous underground research conducted on behalf of mankind?  That the whole family can watch? It’s solid entertainment that’ll make for a good night – for everyone. Which is actually sort of win-win, if you ask me. That said, let’s take a peek at the cast. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these stars from The Jensen Project you’re most excited about seeing tonight:

1)    Kellie Martin

2)    Justin Kelly

3)    LeVar Burton

4)   Patricia Richardson

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