Canceled TV: What Would You Bring Back?

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Well, the good news is that one my absolute favorite recently-canceled shows (I could only keep that TV-free Thirtysomething silent vigil going for so long before tuning in again) is officially back. But before we address, let’s get into another topic we’ve avoided discussing nearly as emphatically as Snooki and the Situation: anti-aging. The plastic surgery, the injections, and other expensive ways we stave off the inevitable onslaught of young adulthood. Now, I personally have nothing against people who spend their heard-earned dollars to a) have a tighter smile, b) have someone else’s nose, or c) look startled during all waking hours. It’s none of my beeswax really, and furthermore, if it makes them happy, so be it. And furtherfurthermore,  it’s their cash. I’m pretty sure I’ve met plenty of people who utilize all manner of product and procedure, and it’s certainly not my place to criticize. Plus I’m sure they are that much lovelier/handsomer for it. However, I do wonder about children doing it and the parents/guardians who think it’s such a neat idea. Case in point, teen-aged Filipino singing sensation Charice Pempengco who  — in prepping to appear on Glee — has just undergone an “anti-aging” procedure and injections of Botox  in order to “look fresh for the camera” (that’s what her publicist is calling it). See, reportedly the Botox is “absolutely not cosmetic” because in fact, it’s “for muscle pain in her jaw.” Does this mean we are going to see a spate of youngsters racing into plastic surgeons’ offices for muscle pain relief? And shouldn’t  there be some kind of line drawn when it comes to the tweens and teens? Or is it too late? Did I miss where Botox became the new              WackyPack/Furby/Add-a-Bead/Uggs/Ipod Must Have Feature? As always, I’ll be tuning into Glee and at the very least, they better have done a good job sprucing that kid up. Now let’s talk about resuscitated TV shows because      there’s a very, very good one that’s managed to acquire a new lease on life. It’s Damages and after three seasons FX canceled it, but now the word is that via a new deal it’s going to air on DirecTV for at least two more seasons. Plus they’ll also re-air the first three seasons of the Emmy-winner. Which is fantastic news if you’re a fan of the show (like me) and slightly-less-than-fantastic news if you don’t have DirecTV (like me). But the point is, it’s back, and Glenn Close and Rose Byrne will return as two of the savvier and more venal attorneys ever to hit the little screen in what is genuinely one of the best dramas out there. So bravo to more Damages. Now, with this in mind, let’s take a look at a few other shows whose cancellations bummed more than a few people out. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these canceled shows you’d most like to see brought back:
1)    Moonlight
2)    The Ghost Whisperer
3)    Pushing Daisies
4)    The New Adventures of Old Christine

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