Best Animated TV Series?

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You guys sure like your Moonlight. Wow! Didn’t know you were that attached and now kinda surprised  they would have canceled a program like that with so many devoted fans UNLESS it’s one of those shows that costs a ton to make (one of the problems with Damages was its significant expense). By the way, just because Steve Carell is leaving The Office doesn’t mean The Office is leaving The Office. In the aftermath of his departure announcement Carell has now been quoted as saying that the show will go on happily without him (what else can he say)  and that  “it was time for the character to go”  (I’ll bet The Office has one or two producers who might not  think it was time). Next week I am going to ask you about who you think could conceivably replace the star (who’s currently in Despicable Me and about to headline Dinner With Schmucks—anyone see a definitive  career path?)  Oh, and speaking of The Office – we know that Jenna Fischer got married in real life a few weeks back, but do you know who married her? Technically, it was a man named Lee Kirk – but  what I meant by that was do you know who actually officiated the marriage ceremony and named them man and wife? It was none other than PCA fave Jeff Probst, who as it turns out is also a Universal Life Minister (that’s the internet ordination thing). The big news in Hollywood is that  somebody’s going to jail and as I’ve maintained,  I think now is the time to lay off Lindsay Lohan and hope she gets whatever help it is that she needs, so we’ll steer clear of that less-than-upbeat topic (and we’re not even going to touch a certain Oscar winner’s abrupt descent into professional oblivion). No, instead let’s talk about happy and pretty things. Oh, look, here’s something that meets both requirements: it seems  Mad Men’s Jon Hamm will be voicing a part on The Simpsons. (Probably don’t have to tell you this but the fourth season of Mad Men bows this coming Sunday). Now I don’t know if any of you are Simpsons fans, but everyone knows when it comes to guest stars those guys get the pick of the litter. And it’s clear that they’ve gotten themselves a prize pup in Mr. Hamm. Meanwhile, since we haven’t spent too much time talking about the American icon that is The Simpsons, let’s take your pulse on the animated shows in general. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these animated series is your favorite:

1) Simpsons

2) Family Guy

3) King of the Hill

4) American Dad

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