Your Weekend: Dolphins, Salt & Mad Men

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It’s Movie Day: who’s psyched to see Salt? I certainly am.But before we talk flicks,  there’s quite a spectacular pageant going on this weekend down at Atlantis — the faboo resort in the Bahamas. That’s the one where you can actually swim with the dolphins. Which will of course be the very first activity I plan to ask PCA President Fred Nelson about when he returns from his duties as a judge at the Miss Teen USA pageant. How cool is that? And don’t forget to add your vote to our Miss Photogenic contest and then tune in tomorrow night to  to watch as the winners are revealed. Next week we’ll let you know if Fred actually swam with the dolphins. Now, getting back to movies. There are two big ones opening in theaters this weekend – both are expected to do nicely but of course they’re designed for two very different audiences. Salt stars Angelina Jolie as a CIA spy who may or may not also be a Russian spy. I’ll totally be there. Curiously, this is the movie that was originally written for Tom Cruise and then they made the character a lady when he couldn’t do it and Jolie stepped in. Next week I’ll ask you what you thought, and whether Jolie is badass enough to pull it off (as of this writing, I’m going to say yes). The next movie is for a slightly younger set – it’s called Ramona and Beezus, and it’s based on the beloved children’s book (and I don’t know about you, but the beloved children’s book I read was actually titled Beezus and Ramona – the name switcheroo thing is beyond me.) Anyway, this involves the high jinks & sleuthing of two sisters and one of them is Selena Gomez so we know it’ll be quite popular among the young. Now, in addition to movies here’s hoping you’re also readying yourselves for what I feel is a not-to-be-missed television event. It’s Mad Men, and season 4 kicks off this Sunday on AMC. The good news is that even if you’re not a fan (Really. Really? Inconceivable!) it’s not too late to become one now. All you have to know is that at the close of last        season Mad Man Don Draper left to form his own brand new startup advertising  agency with some o   f his pals from the old job. So now we see if they can make it on their own from scratch. See? That  was painless. Everything you need to know. A clean slate so you can just tune in, even if it’s for the  first time. I’ll bet you enjoy it. It’s cute guys with short hair and lovely girls who always have lipstick  on and everyone’s bathed and groomed nicely and you just know they all smell good and the men  wear sharp suits and the girls have snappy skirts (except on weekends when some of them wear  smart slacks) and everyone is polite save for the vicious undercurrents running through the dialog but  in the end they all get their points across and then they all wash everything down with bourbon. Oh,  and not everyone is on the same stratum culturally; in fact there’s quite a bit of er, gender discrepancy  but that’s how it was, and of course we know where that’s headed anyway, so it’s fun to watch the old  stuff and witnesses the 1960’s taking over. Have I convinced you? If you are a fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about, even though I’ve oversimplified it hugely. Let us know what you think of Sunday’s premiere. In fact voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which Mad Men Man or Lady is your favorite star:

1) Jon Hamm

2) January Jones

3) John Slattery

4) Christina Hendricks

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