Casting: Actors In, Actors Out + Fall TV

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The good news?  PCA President Fred Nelson returned safely from his recent sojourn to the Bahamas to serve as a judge in the Miss Teen USA Pageant.The bad news? His schedule was so deluged with pageantry, competing (USA) Teens, and judging duties that he was unable to swim with the dolphins. I told you I’d find out. And there’s always next year. So it’s the middle of the summer. The movie business is comfortably ensconced in its high season – churning out one blockbuster (sharply targeted toward the young or those who can think like they are) after another. I was going to write nobody’s splitting the atom but of course Christopher Nolan sort of is. Still, it’s that time of year when nobody’s thinking about Oscar (although in my opinion Annette Bening’s & Tilda Swinton’s agents probably should be). TV is tinkering with lots of less-than-satisfying reality programming, peppering it with the occasional (albeit notable) premiere. Musically speaking, the concert business is suffering from diminished ticket sales, although as someone pointed out recently (and it may have been me) people are always going to go hear live music in the summer. Even with less variety & fewer choices, this is a pastime that will never disappear entirely, because the act of sitting outdoors and watching a live performance is something that the internet can never totally replace or supplant.  Speaking of replacing and supplanting, let’s talk about casting (which is something that does pick up in the summer).This week we had several big roles filled & vacated that will definitely affect our viewing. For example, it was announced officially at Comic-Con that Edward Norton – who was released from his upcoming Hulk duties – is being replaced by Mark Ruffalo. While not a huge household name yet, he’s got quite a devoted following, serious acting chops, and a sterling reputation as a very nice guy to work with in Hollywood.  Meanwhile Daniel Craig has officially signed on for the US remake of that Swedish Dragon Tattoo Girl phee-nom that’s about to get even bigger on account of its large screen status. Now we go to Glee, the breakout Emmy-nominated TV series. Just yesterday we learned that Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson (you’ve seen him on 30 Rock & Curb) will be joining the cast as a rival show choir coach. In other Glee news, Patrick Gallagher —  who played the football coach —  is out, and he’s being replaced by a lady named Dot Jones, who will be the next head coach at McKinley High. We have also an early TV cancellation – remember a few weeks back when I asked you about some of the brand new shows? (Covert Affairs, Rizzoli & Isles, & The Bridge) Unfortunately, The Bridge has hit troubled water and after just three episodes, CBS decided to pull it from the lineup. And speaking of fall TV, let’s start to take your pulse on some of the programs that are generating lots of buzz. Here are four of the more hotly-anticipated ones. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these new shows you’re most excited about  (we’ll get to the others over the next few weeks).

1)    Blue Bloods

2)    Hawaii Five-O

3)    Bleep My Dad Says

4)    No Ordinary Family

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