Do Great Thrillers Always Make Great Movies?

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So I’m now completely obsessed with a certain bestselling  thriller that’s becoming a movie that I’ll never read or watch. More on that later. But first  let’s talk about TV. According to yesterday’s poll, it looks like you’re genuinely into 2010’s  Hawaii-Five-O. Now, what’s not clear is whether you’re jazzed about it because – like me—a) you’ve heard of/watched/loved  the original, b)  you love Alex O’Loughlin, or  c) you just like TV shows with numbers in their titles. I’ll watch because I am within that target age group (the same age as everyone who was ticked off about The Karate Kid and The A-Team). Similarly, a lot of people eagerly await Blue Bloods because it stars another guy who shot to superstardom on account of his crimestopping TV series – also set in Hawaii. How’s that for a 50th state coincidence? It’s also curious that they’ve already replaced good old Magnum’s love interest in this new show (the pilot featured Wendy Moniz, only now it’s a gal named Andrea Roth from Rescue Me). Dropping the original actress for “creative reasons” frequently means something went down that was neither ‘creative’ nor ‘reason’able.  Still, I’ll give it a shot and will also check out No Ordinary Family, The Defenders, Lone Star and the others. Although one thing is clear: nobody is jumping out of their skin in anticipation over any of the new fall shows. Maybe we’ll be surprised. Will we have another huge hit like Glee or a Modern Family? Or even a Good Wife ? In fact, I’m actually psyched for Running Wilde – the new Will Arnett show  — but have absolutely no clue what it’s about and will watch simply because it’s, um, the new  Will Arnett show. To be honest, sometimes when I’m writing this blog I’ll talk about a story chiefly because I know something’s very popular, like a beloved  book or movie — even though it’s not necessarily my thing. Case in point: that Swedish Dragon Tattoo Girl thing we talked about yesterday. I haven’t read the book; in fact, I’m told it gets kinda grisly and thus, I probably won’t ever read it or see the movie.  However, something funny happened to me on account of this blog. Once I started looking into this film, which is to be directed by David Fincher (who made Se7en and Zodiac – two other movies that aren’t my cup of tea subjectwise either) I became absolutely obsessed with the whole project. Within twenty-four hours I had to read everything I could find about the Swedish Dragon Tattoo movie, and had to know ASAP what exactly was going on with the casting. And now all I want to do is talk about it — even though I’ll never see it. Okay, we know Daniel Craig is on board to star. But now they’re saying that the lead girl part (which could, let’s face it, effectively launch some youngster into the Twi- sphere of global fame) is down to four relatively unknown actresses. For whatever reasons they are NOT going with Carey Mulligan or Kristen Stewart or Ellen Page, and we also have reports that Natalie Portman was offered the part and said no (immediately I’m wondering: Why, Natalie? How come you turned it down?? – and why do I care about this?) So now we’re told that Mr. Fincher says they will see no one who is over age 24 (which is why Katherine Heigl didn’t go after it) NOR will they audition anyone who is over 5 feet 5 inches tall. This I find fascinating. Is it because she has to look nearly adolescent – or is it because she’s going to be wearing punky platform boots and Daniel Craig might also be wee? (Again, why do I care? I just do. I can’t stop reading about the Swedish Dragon Tattoo book to movie project).  So now, for today’s poll, let’s take a peek at a few other huge runaway bestsellers that hit the big screen. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these movies made from bestselling thrillers is your favorite:

1) The DaVinci Code

2) The Bourne Identity

3) The Hunt for Red October

4) The Firm

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