Name Your Favorite Ad(man/woman/creature)

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Today I’d like  to talk about advertising. But first, regarding your comments on our most recent poll, let’s just hope Kathy Griffin only checks this site once in a while. See, I had to go to a wedding this weekend just north of New York City…and Friday afternoon I noticed everyone had commented on our poll about Ellen’s replacement. When I got to the wedding there were all these Secret Service guys (who, it turns out, really do look nice in tuxes, BTW) and so I asked them about who should replace Ellen on Idol but instead of choosing J. Lo OR Kathy Griffin they all opted for Beyonce. Who knew? Maybe because they all had a certain single lady on their minds that day. Now, when I returned to my computer I noticed you all went to town on Kathy Griffin.Wow. On the other hand, if she’s as “bad” and “has been fired” as many times as you point out, she’s probably no stranger to bad press or at least criticism. Besides, it’s going to be J. Lo and Steven Tyler for all of ten minutes and then my guess is they all head south (or over to something else Simon Cowell has cooking which will naturally stay afloat as long as he wants). Okay so maybe I didn’t go to Chelsea’s wedding  but I DID notice how vehemently opposed you are to Kathy G.

Moving on: see any movies this weekend? I did: Dinner for Schmucks. Which was, as I had guessed, kind of mean-spirited (they tell you that in the trailer — I didn’t figure anything out). That said, was it funny? Absolutely. Is Steve Carell as endearingly goofy as we like him to be?  Completely. Did Dinner For Schmucks actually beat Inception at the box office? Nope. Nobody did. That movie is everywhere and everyone in the word is seeing it. Massive Oscar buzz. To be honest (and I do not think you should ever discuss religion or politics in public, but this doesn’t really count) Inception was actually the topic of the sermon yesterday in my church. That’s how popular. The other movie I saw? Despicable Me – which I loved, loved, loved. I actually preferred Steve Carell in this one to D with S’s, even though it’s animated and I’m not always the biggest fan of animation. What I did notice however, is that in every review  — and according to everyone with whom I spoke – Despicable Me is not as good as Toy Story 3. Do you agree? I have trouble believing this. But maybe I am just heartless. Or prefer smart resourceful orphans, a hilarious villain, and cute little creatures who look like yellow Tic -Tacs — to a lot of plastic kids’ toys and Tim Allen. More on that comparison later. Maybe we’ll do a poll and you tell me which one you prefer. But now on to advertising. I saw something on a website called WalletPop about popular advertising icons & pitchmen/women. Obviously I’m a huge ad geek and thus this was riveting. It was all about the people and creatures whom we adore who get tied forever to a product and help sell it because they’re cute/funny/smart/dunderheaded/you name it. Their list included Palmolive Marge, Joe Isuzu, and that Where’s The Beef Lady. I used two of theirs and two of my own picks here. Voice your choice in today’s featured polls and tell us which of these four advertising icons is your favorite:

1)    Maytag Repairman

2)    Geico Gecko

3)    Rosie the Waitress

4)    The Aflac Duck

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