J.Lo, Idol, Dueling Divas & Red Herrings

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Now today, let’s address the J.Lo sitch. Because I guess I have to come clean.  Or at least look up the word “gullible” in the dictionary.

See last week I must have ingested some of that Fox Kool-aid. Contrary to reports, it seems the American Idol folks haven’t made up their minds about anybody who may/may not be in the running for a judge’s slot. And furthermore – they also haven’t bailed on any celebrities for being a difficult handful of no thanks. In other words, all that talk about J.Lo being out of the race because of her demands? Apparently hogwash. With which I gargled, because I hook/lined it all and went on about how the Idol people needed to heed her  demands lest they have a show that’s even more doomed than it currently is. Whoops. So now I quote – and this is from Entertainment Weekly who tends to check their facts very carefully:

“A source close to the negotiations tells EW.com exclusively “no deals have fallen apart due to unreasonable demands.”

And here’s where it gets really fun. Their source goes on to say:

“…you’d better believe no one — male or female — has been unreasonable at the negotiating table….This may simply be a case of one diva’s rep slinging mud to make another potential candidate look like a diva. There are a million agendas swirling out there”.

Wow – I never even considered that angle! Oh the humanity! We are one devious species, aren’t we?  Moreover, one of the points I made in last week’s blog was that you need someone high- profile and outrageous to keep the show in the headlines so folks will tune in out of curiosity and then – bingo – you get ratings. But you know what? They’ve outsmarted everyone because typically the negotiations are behind closed doors which means radio silence. That’s the blackout part, when we just twiddle our thumbs. But not any more. The crafty folks behind the American Idol curtain (or their publicity types) have figured out a way to keep people guessing and therefore arguing – even now – when they’re just negotiating. You know, like when they pick a new Pope – although I’ve never really understood how much of that transaction happens on earth as it were – they send out smoke signals to indicate that the deliberation is over? This ruse, if it is one, is sorta like that.  If this story about J.Lo’s demands is fake – and it was planted by a dueling diva – how genius! —  because it put, and kept, the whole thing in the spotlight. Nice work, you guys.

So who’s the other diva?  Who wants to make J.Lo look super high-maintenance (or at least reinforce a well-known fact)?  And how will this affect the already swirling rumors about Shania Twain and Paula Abdul? And who’s to say the diva’s a lady? When we hear that word of course that’s what we think,  but what if Steven Tyler is the one spinning everything? One thing is certain; this particular drama looks like it will get more embroiled before it gets resolved.  I still think the show is headed for disaster and will post a poll this week to see if  you all do too. But right now, let’s go to something altogether different for today’s  poll. Todd Phillips – who directed The Hangover – is making a new movie all about the life of actor John Belushi. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know who you think should play the part:

1)    Seth Rogen

2)    Zach Galifianakis

3)    Jonah Hill

4)    Jack Black

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