Rooney Mara: Enter the Dragon (Tattooed Girl)

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Did you see Eat Pray Love? I didn’t, and even though I loathed the book, sooner or later I’m sure I will catch the film. I just won’t hand over any of my own shekels to do it (even though, in a roundabout way, my cable company will pocket something). Today, let’s return to my favorite book to movie obsession featuring a novel I will never read and its journey into a movie I’ll never watch but I’m nothing if not a populist and I know that 9/10’s of the modern world did read and will watch so here goes. Turns out, the wait is over. This time they’ve found their Dragon-Tattooed Girl for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And if you haven’t seen the headlines, there’s a lovely young lady who’s about to get a taste of Kristen Stewart’s life. Nor does anyone have the faintest idea about whether 25-year old actress Rooney Mara is as flummoxed by the off-camera spotlight as Stewart, but let’s hope she isn’t, because this gal’s probably looking at a minimum of four years of flashbulbs and scrutiny. And it’s official – after what’s been the most closely- followed casting conundrum in all of Hollywood (director David Fincher said he wanted an “unknown”) they’ve finally found their girl. Plus, these franchises are so valuable  (see Rowling, J.K. & Meyer, S.) that nobody signs on for just the one movie. They’ve already cranked up the machine to churn out three, and the actors (who also include Daniel Craig & Robin Wright) are aboard too. So who is Rooney Mara? (You will be seeing this question in print and on TV a lot in the coming weeks/months. Thus here’s a quick intro to bring you ahead of the curve). Let’s say you wind up at a party this weekend and someone turns to you and asks if you’ve been following this whole Dragon Tattoo book to movie thing. And even if you haven’t – even if you did in fact find the book waaaay too gruesome, you can just point out that  “everyone knows that kind of misogynistic violence is pure catnip to a Hollywood filmmaker .” And then return to your beer or your onion dip. Now, when the conversation turns to the girl who’ll actually play the elfin goth computer hacker heroine, you’re also prepared – with a little something extra. Certainly moviegoers will know that Rooney Mara is about to appear in the upcoming film The Social Network (a.k.a. the Facebook Movie). They might even know she was in that Michael Cera vehicle Youth In Revolt or the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Her sister Kate is an actress working a lot nowadays too. But again, those are movie facts and unless you’re a total film geek, they are no more interesting than any other actor’s CV. But there’s something about her pedigree that will guarantee maximum interest from casual onlookers. Believe it or not, this chick’s got major sports cred. For true. Rooney Mara hails from a very famous NFL family: one of her great grandfathers founded the New York Giants. And the other great grandfather ? He started the Pittsburgh Steelers. How’s that for a dynasty? That’s who Rooney Mara is. Now you know. With this in mind let’s look at a few of our favorite action heroines. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these lovely ladies makes the best action hero:

1)    Sigourney Weaver

2)    Linda Hamilton

3)    Angelina Jolie

4)   Uma Thurman

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