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Well, today is our Very Perry Tuesday and to celebrate Katy’s new record Teenage Dream, CBS is presenting an exclusive web concert – just for you (and you! And you over there. And say – in the back — you! And you, madam – and your friend.  And you, sir, as well...)

Here’s how it works: first you get  to catch Katy’s exclusive Live on Letterman webcast TONITE (8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific). To see it all just click on  http://www.cbs.com/late_night/liveonletterman/ ….and then of course if you still want more (and I’m pretty certain many, many will) tune into Katy on Letterman on TV where she’ll discuss a) the new album b) the truth behind being a California Gurl and c) Russell Brand. Just be careful if you go to this Live on Letterman site because you may, like me, get a little bit hooked (there’s a ton of cool concert stuff there). Plus I have to say that I’m now completely intrigued by this very talented young lady –  even more than before. Here’s why: I learned that PCA was doing this Katy Perry thing and was immediately curious because I liked a few songs but knew absolutely zero about her beyond that. Meanwhile my friend had just seen Katy and Russell Brand walking down the street a few weeks ago here in LA and commented on just how tall and elegant they both looked. Which is weird because usually when you see a celebrity on the street in Los Angeles they are more often than not small, unshaven, sometimes skulking, and always ultra-preoccupied. Not these two. So when I heard about Katy’s Letterman thing I read some articles and I was quite surprised. Did you know – if you’re a huge fan you probably do – that her parents are ministers and that she grew up listening to gospel music and actually released a gospel album? And that allegedly pop music was kind of verboten in the home?  I thought that was pretty wild. The gospel thing may explain why she has genuine pipes, and can sing powerfully as opposed to some of the flimsy chirpers we have singing today. But here’s the other thing I found stunning– and let me preface this by saying that I’m not so naïve as to believe in overnight success stories. But astonishing to me was just how many ups and downs she’s had professionally, and the fact that she just couldn’t get the attention (we now know) she deserved for quite some time before she hit big. Of course now she’s a massive double Grammy -nominated star. So it seems like hers is rather a remarkable story. In spite of what appears to be a ton of false starts which would easily have sidelined others, this gal persevered. And now you can check out her web concert and then watch her, literally, on Letterman later and you can even have the new album playing in the background at the same time. Because Katy Perry may have kissed a girl, but she also could have kissed a career goodbye on many occasions and managed to stay with it, which in my book definitely makes her one of the more appealing and impressive Calfornia Gurls I know.

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3) Hot N’ Cold

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