So a Werewolf Walks into a Courtroom…

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So a few weeks back I suggested that Hollywood – just like the rest of the country – is tightening its belt. And it’s being demonstrated via a new kind of intolerance. Stars who could once command just about anything now get a whole lot less and like it. Actors demanding raises don’t necessarily receive them and are suddenly taking their marbles and going home (with tails between their legs). Brand new TV shows who don’t perform spectacularly right out of the gate get axed but quick (Sorry, The Bridge). Edward Norton – not considered a Team Player (and thus replaceable) gets the pink slip from Hulk and Mark Ruffalo steps into those green shoes. (Although things really aren’t that bad if Mark Ruffalo is subbing in, now are they?) And of course, in just a few weeks we may witness more carnage as the new fall shows bow. For example, even though there are tremendously high hopes resting on  Lone Star, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-0, The Defenders, No Ordinary Family and Raising Hope – the law of averages (or one of those statistical predictor things) says that within three months of airing at least two of these shows (and maybe more) will be history. So there definitely appears to be a trend – and it mirrors our current economic climate. And maybe cost-cutting movie studios are justifying their hard-line stances by saying  “times are tough and there are cutbacks,, but entertainment is something Americans are still spending what money they do have on, so let’s make it as good as it can be”. Trim the fat. Right?  (Isn’t that what you’d say if you fired popular actors who wanted too much money, or canceled TV shows that wanted to air say, a third episode? That’s what I’d say. And that’s how brutal it’s been in Hollywood. However, fear not. Because just when we thought Hollywood was getting too spartan, right when we were starting to believe  maybe there was no us and them anymore, we get a werewolf/RV lawsuit that will happily restore Tinseltown to the summit of Mt. Whatever. If you missed the headlines, it goes thus: TwiStar Taylor Lautner has sued an RV dealership for damages because they failed to provide him with a $300,000 tricked-out RV trailer which he ordered as his dressing room on the set of a new movie he’s filming.  On the RV’s arrival date, there was No Trailer for Taylor. According to the LA Times the lawsuit “cites “displeasure, annoyance and emotional distress” experienced by Lautner, and seeks  “unspecified damages”. Evidently the whole thing was handled by Lautner’s father Dan (because nothing says good idea like letting parents handle their teenaged millionaire’s business contracts and endorsements). Lautner’s people are suing this RV company for breach of contract and fraud. In fact, there may be a breach of contract and fraud – but what’s got people all a(T)witter is the whole “emotional distress” thing. What do you think? Do you think it’s outrageous? Or, do you think – as I do – that this is someone’s very smart PR move. Here’s why: let’s say you have a huge franchise with at least three acknowledged stars. There are Teams and everyone’s divided. Still, the fact remains that the other two leads are getting just a wee bit more attention than fair Taylor – adorable though he is. And he seems too young for a lot of tabloid-y romantic link-ups, faux, or otherwise, because, well, he just does. So how else do you generate press for your hot young thing that’s not icky – but that suggests he’s not to be trifled with — that he’s got needs, he’s got resources, and that he can play with the big boys? Sure it’s ridiculous, but you can’t tell me the next person who hires Taylor Lautner (and there will be many) won’t think twice about putting baby in the corner. They just won’t. In the end, no matter how rich or famous a person is, nobody really wants to get sued – do they? So actually I think this is kind of a genius move on somebody’s part. The only thing that I can’t understand is this: the vehicle in question is a “2006 Affinity Country Coach RV”. 2006?  For $300K can’t you find a later model? I have a 2007 VW and would have been more than happy to drive him around for a lot less cash. But that’s just me.

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