Who’s the Best Emmy Host?

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So this Sunday we get to watch the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Now even without consulting the TV Guide one can’t possibly imagine people would be watching anything else, right? See I live in Los Angeles, which is, as it turns out, one great big shiny citrus-loving, morality-defying, Prius-driving, Ugg-wearing,  necktie-eschewing, vitamin-popping, box office-monitoring, content-providing Company Town. And if you told most people here that there was a citywide curfew, with martial law, and no operational traffic lights or open restaurants for nine hours on Sunday, no one would bat an eye. Last year I actually got to attend the Emmys with PCA President Fred Nelson which was beyond cool. This Sunday I’m hoping that any goodness in my microscopic heart will prevent me from asking the host of the child’s birthday party I’m attending how familiar they are with the term “poor planning”. But that’s just me. Still, I’m very excited about the Emmys, particularly since they’ve heaped all kinds of nominations upon superb new TV shows. That’s not to say I wasn’t a fan of The West Wing or all of those other “important” dramas of yore – because I was. When I actually watched them. But it’s kind of gratifying to see that Emmy voters seem to be as enamored of Modern Family, Glee, and Mad Men as a great many people I know and watch television with are. Now you may or may not know this past weekend was the Creative Arts Emmys – which is where they give awards for the more technically-oriented areas of TV – like casting and makeup and other production-type things. For some reason they also award TV guest star and reality show awards – which doesn’t seem particularly well thought-out since they’re still part of the most popular offerings on TV. (For example: how awesome is it that PCA’s own Jeff Probst won – again? Very. Why couldn’t we have seen that on TV? No idea.)  The way they handle this is that those winners will present awards on Sunday. Winners included Betty White, Ann- Margret, John Lithgow and Neil Patrick Harris. (Plus, insanely, terrifically talented as Neil Patrick Harris is – do you know anyone with opposable thumbs who doesn’t think Mike O’Malley should have won that guest-star Emmy for playing Kurt’s dad on Glee?) So what about Sunday? Will Mad Men triumph again? Will  Lost get some kind of posthumous recognition? Will Tina Fey say funnier things off the cuff than most TV scribes can come up with in a lifetime? Will any presenter ever make a TelePrompTer joke that’s genuinely funny? Will you watch? Do you care? And will host Jimmy Fallon inject the right amount of smart/endearing/cynical/ boyish charm into the show? Here’s hoping. In fact, today let’s take a peek at a few past Emmy hosts. And I’m going to skip the combination of five reality hosts in 2008 because a) we don’t have enough spots for their names in our poll and b) it was kind of a disaster. So now, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these four recent Emmy Hosts is your favorite:

1)    Neil Patrick Harris

2)    Conan O’Brien

3)    Ryan Seacrest

4)    Ellen DeGeneres

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