The VMA’s, Exclusive B.o.B. Video and Opening Movies

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So I’ve just identified the 56th reason why 2010 MTV Video Music Awards could not have come at a better time – or on a better weekend.  (And I’ve also got a very cool behind-the-scenes  movie for you to watch,  BTW).  First of all, there’s the whole Chelsea Handler hosting part, which could be hilarious. She won’t suffer any fools (and there may be more than one of them lurking at the Nokia come Sunday). Then there’s all that, em, suspense in the air about Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Reportedly there will be some truly out-there live performances. I like Katy Perry. And Broken Bells is super catchy. I like that Ke$ha song too…kinda…or did, before I heard it too many times in every mall, drug store, and bank I managed to visit in Southern California. Plus I think Ke$ha seems like she might be a fascinating character to run into at a party – provided she was lucid and not breaking something. So I’ll definitely watch the VMA’s again, and the latest reason why I am glad they’re happening?  Because today is Movie Day and unlike most other Movie Days, there’s almost nothing that I’m excited about watching.  Actually, that’s not true. I will amend the word “almost”. There’s absolutely nothing that looks good to me. It’s pretty bleak selectionwise, unless you are a twelve –year-old boy in which case you will be in heaven. (Once you find a document that says you’re seventeen). Although I’m not sure even you, Twelve –Year-Old boy, will be able to make heads or tails out of I’m Still Here, the new documentary directed by Casey Affleck all about Joaquin Phoenix deciding to stop acting and start rapping. What the twelve –year-olds (and their siblings) will devour however, is Resident Evil : Afterlife — the latest in that saga. Featuring the lovely Milla Jovovich and a plot that I’m not sure I fathom, except that there’s an Umbrella Corporation and zombies and well, fortunately the whole thing’s in 3D,  so it may not matter  anyway. For the twelve –year-olds who cannot sneak into Resident Evil, there is The Virginity Hit (also rated R but they may have more luck because it’ll be less crowded). This one’s all about four young men and their efforts to reach some kind of maturity in front of a camera,  the internet, and a generation of YouTube watchers who may make everything even more humiliating than the premise of the movie. So you see, not too much out there for Movie Day. In fact, I say this is when you catch up on what you haven’t watched — like maybe you have yet to see The American or even the well-reviewed Going The Distance. These will be my movies. Plus The Switch is really fun. And then Sunday you just relax and watch the VMA’ s. But I did tell you I had a movie you could watch, didn’t I? It’s short but it’s seriously  entertaining  and it features B.o.B who is himself performing Sunday, and it also stars Rivers Cuomo – the guy from Weezer , who I think is sort of a genius. Check out this footage from the video and see if you don’t agree that watching this and skipping one of today’s big movie releases might not make you feel just a little bit better about entertainment in general. By the way, do you think B.o.B will win something on Sunday? He’s up for five VMA’s. Justin Bieber’s performing as well ( perhaps they arranged for him to see early screenings of Resident Evil and The Virginity Hit). And the night may very well belong to Lady Gaga. In fact, let’s see where you all weigh in on the awards. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these four VMA-nominated performers is your favorite:

1)    Lady Gaga

2)    Drake

3)    Katy Perry

4)    Eminem

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