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As we leave summer behind (fine by me) and head into fall, many of us are grateful for the change in seasons and the crispier, nippier air. Autumn. What’s not to like? So maybe now’s a good time to remember the men and women in uniform who might be stuck in less-than-ideal climes while they serve on behalf of, well, us. Because regardless of one’s political leanings, I have yet to meet someone (and I hope I never do) who doesn’t feel that our troops – deployed all over the globe – are making genuine  personal sacrifices daily and deserve to be acknowledged. I have several friends in entertainment who have traveled to the Middle East repeatedly to perform for the troops, and every one of them says the same thing when they return: “They were sooo glad we came to see them. So excited that someone visited, and paid attention to them and connected with  them.” Which is pretty wild because these people aren’t bringing them huge elaborate treats or super-complicated stage shows, (and they aren’t bringing them home either) – they’re just making the troops laugh and smile,  and feel entertained.  Which, they tell me, makes you pretty damn glad you went.  So here’s the deal – PCA has an opportunity for you along those lines – only you can stay at home to do it. Want to help? Want to let the troops know we’re thinking about them? Maybe even send them a CD in the process?  Apparently it’s easier than you might think to send a soldier a letter of thanks; the Zac Brown Band has created “Letters for Lyrics” with Ram Trucks – a  national letter-writing campaign (their goal is a million pieces of mail) designed to show our appreciation to the men and women currently deployed to active duty.  If you want to participate, and send a letter, you can  just click here to go to the website. You can also go to the RamZone blog and all manner of other places.  How’s that for doing something seriously thoughtful and compassionate in one click?  Plus, when you do send a letter to a soldier, the Zac Brown Band donates a special CD to them – which he or she will then receive , courtesy of you. So you can feel all sorts of magnanimous. (And it gets better: when you visit the Ram site you get a free download for yourself too – so it’s sort of win-win all around. With good music to boot.) Bottom line,  it’s important to connect; everyone likes to be thought of and remembered, and we all know a letter goes a long way. So if you get a chance, check out the “Letters for Lyrics” campaign and see if you can’t make some soldier’s day.  And speaking of soldiers, let’s focus today on a few films with soldiers & wartime themes. Let us know which of these movies is your favorite. And don’t forget to write a letter to the troops,  because it’s true: the pen is so so so much mightier than the sword.

Today’s featured poll — voice your choice on your favorite wartime movie:

1)    Saving Private Ryan

2)    Full Metal Jacket

3)    Three Kings

4)    Platoon

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