Fall TV is Enroute!

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So. Did you write your letter to the troops? And if so, do you now feel whoppingly thoughtful and generous? Thought so. Of course, if you didn’t yet write, you still can – just click here and the Zac Brown Band will take care of the rest. And everyone gets free music so there are added treats all over the place.

Today I want to talk about TV, because next week’s really when all the big new network shows kick off (I know, Outlaw is already here, but still). Essentially, starting Monday, America puts its DVR’s through their paces. Now, people who live in Los Angeles obviously embrace (or at least tolerate) the entertainment industry, because the city from which I write this every day is nothing if not a company town. It affects everything we do here – even in subliminal ways. You wind up saying ridiculous things like “Why is there all this miserable traffic? Oh. There must be a premiere.” And when you start using the term premiere – the noun, not the verb, without any irony or even inflection, you know it’s time to readjust your lens). Anyway, with brand new shows in the double digits bowing, there is anticipation but lots of people (largely in Los Angeles and New York City ) – actors, writers, producers, directors, makeup artists, costumers, etc – are also a little anxious because the days where a show was really given the benefit of the doubt are over. The actual people who make TV shows are worried about job security. There’s too much money at stake and thus, the guys in the suits don’t hesitate to pull the plug on even a brand new program that’s not living up to expectations (hello, The Bridge). Getting specific, there is huge buzz surrounding the “reboot” of Hawaii –Five -0. Hoping now that third time’s the charm for Alex O’Loughlin (because he has that rabid fan base and yet neither Moonlight nor Three Rivers took off). Still the buzz on this show is positive. And they say Scott Caan is funny. I’ll watch, I liked the original – although they are taking pains to point out that this is not the same deal from 1968, rather it’s a re -imagining. Then of course Blue Bloods – the new drama about a family of crime fighters – has a lot riding on its (broad, navy) back. Not the least of which is Tom Selleck’s paycheck. I know many of our PCA readers LOVE Tom – I never got the appeal. But I’ll watch. My two favorite new picks for today? Raising Hope and Running Wilde, both of which should be funny and quirky but need to grab everybody right off the bat or they’ll bomb miserably in two shakes. Or worse, live in that weird nether zone where critics like the show but no one watches (see: Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights, My So Called Life). I’m rooting for these two though. We’ll talk about more TV next week…and tomorrow is of course Movie Day and unlike last week’s filmic travesties, there are at least 5 big flicks opening. I think it’s all going to be about Ben Affleck’s The Town, but more on that later.

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