Movies: English Creepy, American Sexy, Boston Gritty

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So it’s Movie Day and as I told you it’s a far cry from last Friday’s offerings, which were a) slim b) targeted towards a younger set,  c) based on a revenge fantasy, and d) frequently in 3D.  That said, in lieu of them last weekend  I saw – and very much liked – The American. Today is a whole nother ball of wax. Your movie choices are as follows:  first up, how about Never Let Me Go. This is a British film you’ll want to know about for several reasons. 1) It stars hot young relevant British things Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield. Mulligan is about to star in the second Wall Street movie and is reportedly Shia Labeouf’s real-life GF.  If the name Andrew Garfield isn’t ringing any bells, he’s the new Spider Man. This movie also has a creepy element to  it — everyone who attended a posh English boarding school has a big secret and is somehow changed upon return. As in, when they come back to campus and ask about “scheduled donations” – I somehow don’t think they’re talking about  annual giving. Also playing – and this looks fun because there’s something smart about its star : Easy A…featuring Emma Stone and it’s all about a gal trying to navigate the perils of both high school and dating. And the A of course refers to the The Scarlet Letter, (that highschool headscratcher ) which has inspired many films and hopefully this will surpass both book and movie versions. Also in theaters: The Town. This will undoubtedly be a best picture contender come Oscar time – hands down. Everyone’s talking now about how Ben Affleck really can direct – even  though he already (and more than competently) directed the powerful but grim Gone Baby Gone.  (Um, it’s cool to be revelatory but was there any question about whether Ben could direct? I’m wondering about all the re-affirmation). Bottom line, The Town also stars Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner,  Rebecca Hall and others – evidently it’s choc-a-block full of goodness, critical acclaim and popularity. And set in Boston which seems a popular gritty site for key dramas.  Then again we have a scary movie called Devil – I saw the trailer and that was more than enough – five people, one elevator, the best built-in sound cue ever and writing by M. Night (which might not be a great thing nowadays ) but given the sheer scare factor it could be worth pre-Halloween viewing.  For kids we have Alpha and Omega – a slick new animated number  in which  a pair  of wolves from opposite sides of the tracks (natch) are relocated to Idaho by park rangers who then attempt a very dangerous journey. And finally, and if for some strange reason you saw The Virginity Hit and you wish to continue with the social media phenomenon (until such time as The Social Network arrives which should annihilate its internet-inspired competition) you might want to catch Catfish. So there you go — a bunch of films from which to choose. Let us know what you think!

Today’s poll: voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of this weekend’s new releases you’re most excited about:

1) The Town

2) Devil

3) Easy A

4) Never Let Me Go

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