Fall TV Day 2 + Glee’s Back!!

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I was wrong. Or at least maybe just a teensy bit ignorant. See, every time I talk about the Hawaii-Five-O remake I mention Alex O’Loughlin. And every time we put him in any type of poll everybody goes nuts. Meanwhile, I could barely pick him out of a lineup.So yesterday I saw the H5-0 premiere.  Turns out? You were spot-on and the guy’s got quite a bit of screen presence (which still doesn’t explain the demise of Three Rivers or Moonlight, but whatever). There’s definitely something very appealing about him. And sure I was certain he must’ve had compromising photos of several Hollywood casting directors, which was the only thing that would’ve explained his whole nine-lives thing. But now I get it. He’s cool.  Anyway I suspect that the H5-0 will actually last for a bit. Scott Caan is the funny wisecracking Danno. It too worked, I thought. I also caught The Event and acknowledging my limited comprehension of these time-jumping, plot-entangling apocalyptic new shows I still had trouble understanding, even when it was all explained. Jason Ritter however, is  quite captivating and he will go somewhere even if The Event never becomes one.  But let’s get to TONIGHT’s TV, wherein  after quite a long summer we get more GLEE! Now, with lotsa big stars lining up for a place at the Glee table, guess which blond lovely who now lives in London (why she’s practically a Brit!) is in talks to guest star on the show (and no, incredibly, it ain’t Madonna)?  It’s Gwyneth Paltrow! Gwyneth the Cold Play Lady Wife and Gwyneth the Oscar-winner —  and now she’s being slated as a potential love interest for Matthew Morrison. How crazy will the Gleeks be now? You know that Gwyneth sings – right? Does anyone remember Duets with Huey Lewis?  (BTW, it’s more than OK if you don’t, too). She also has, by the way, a movie to promote later this fall called Country Strong with Tim McGraw. Which is apparently another one of those old country-music-and-addiction yarns. So beside Gwyneth & coming up on Glee? Oh, that would be Britney Spears in next week’s episode  which is actually entitled Britney/Brittany because it features one of Glees funniest (if unsung) heroes, Heather Morris. So obviously I am a huge fan of the show, always have been and I know people also can’t get enough of the music once the credits roll.  As in, did you know that in 2009 the Glee cast had 29 singles  on the Billboard Top 100 chart  – which is the most by any artist since the Beatles listed 31 songs on the same chart in 1964. How’s that for popular?   (I like to look up facts like that so you can toss them out at parties;  when someone says something like “Glee’s not that popular”  — then,  you can produce this handy little Billboard tidbit and hope that the people standing nearby think it’s cool and not tragic that you have something like that at your fingertips that probably no one else has). So tonight’s Glee and we already know that there are new love interests, new teachers and new coaches. And now, Gwyneth Paltrow. Let us know what you think of Glee’s return and in the meantime, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which guest star – or alleged guest star – you’re most excited about joining the Glee cast if only for an episode or two.

1) Gwyneth Paltrow

2) Justin Bieber

3) Susan Boyle

4) Cher

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