New Movies: Looks Like The Internet’s Here To Stay

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Are you on Facebook?  Are you a fan? Are you a practitioner of all this newfangled  methodology we’re  being  asked to use in order to keep everyone abreast, apprised, updated and generally in the loop? (I can take FB in limited doses and am okay when someone says something reasonably interesting like “I just won the Nobel Peace Prize” but can’t stand the person who writes “Right now I’m thinking about raspberries.”) So if you’re a fan of this new media tool that has systematically taken America – and most of the world – by storm (and let’s not even talk about Twitter), will you see the latest blockbuster-in-waiting The Social Network? It’s in theaters today. I certainly will. But I realize that it’s apparently not a flattering picture of the boy geniuses behind the internet pheenom that lets us all send invisible potted plants and imaginary farm animals everywhere. The film does boast a killer pedigree: David Fincher, the man behind Se7en, Benjamin Button & Fight Club (guess he’s comfy with controversial subject matter) directed. Plus T.S.N. was written by Aaron Sorkin, who brought us The West Wing and A Few Good Men. The cast features some of Hollywood’s most notable young up-and-comers: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield (the new Spiderman) and Rooney Mara (she’s the kid who’s about to play the dragon tattoo girl. That’s the Swedish book/ movie franchise that I am obsessed with but will never  read/see.) This looks like a no-brainer weekend movie pick. Also in theaters today, Let Me In. Now here’s  a horror film about a little boy who gets bullied,  and who befriends a similarly alienated little girl – only she’s a vampire. And apparently all goes swimmingly until she needs a snack. Oh well. Anyway the original Swedish version was very popular and this one looks promising (if scary) and stars Chloe Moretz, another young actor who’s poised to steal some serious spotlight in the coming months. Plus it’s got that kid from Where The Wild Things are which I hear was a complete snore but apparently it wasn’t the kid’s fault. Also in theaters we have a documentary called Freakonomics and evidently this is sort of the supergroup of documentaries, if you will. They take 6 well –known doc filmmakers and each contributes part of the story.This looks like it might be entertaining – but it’s sort of highbrow and when you come to the end of a long week the last thing you want – which spells entertaining rental to me.  There are at least three other films opening this weekend with names like Hatchet II but unfortunately I steer clear of offerings with weapons as titles so I’ll skip, plus there’s another horror movie called Chain Letter and reportedly it really is about someone who kills people who don’t forward those chain letters. And while I too find them annoying this seems a bit extreme and if the visual on the poster’s any indication, the guy’s downright over-the-top. So this too I will avoid like  a (chain-letter bearing) plague. Nope, it’s the Social Network for me – how about you?  Or will you see Let Me In? For today’s poll I’m going to toss out those two plus two big movies currently in theaters so you can weigh in on what (if anything) looks good. Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these current movies you’re most excited about:

1)    The Social Network

2)    Let Me In

3)    You Again

4)   Wall Street

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