Who Should Be The Next Superman?

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Today let’s talk about casting. It used to be when you got dragged to a play as a kid and there was an insert in the program with the word “Understudy” you didn’t pay any attention to it because you were ten and probably irritated that you had to go see a play in the first place. And so what would happen with that weird scrap of “Understudy” paper? It was usually just the right size for your gum. And maybe even more of your gum, later. Then let’s say you got a little older, maybe by ten or twelve  — or even twenty  — years, and you found yourself at another play. Chances are you’re slightly more interested in seeing live theater than when you were at ten (and I know plenty of people who won’t care one bit if they never see a play as an adult. Ever.) So let’s say you’re somehow interested in seeing a  play – maybe it’s on Broadway. So you go and  when you get that scrap of paper that says “Understudy”  it’s never a good sign because there’s now a distinct possibility that one of the guys or gals you paid a ton of cash to see is out sick for the show,  replaced by someone you never heard of. So in this instance it’s a drag. Probably worse than when you were ten. But let’s say you went to see a Broadway musical. (Frequently crowd-pleasers, but admittedly not for everyone.)  Oh sure, there have been those who appealed to the young, like Hair and Rent and now – cool! – American Idiot. So what happens when you go see American Idiot on Broadway and you open up your program and you see that “Understudy” sheet?  Well, you probably aren’t  too bummed because American Idiot doesn’t have a ton of household names starring in it,  so maybe it doesn’t matter.  Then right before you toss that “Understudy” sheet under your seat you glance at it — and your eyes pop out of your head. Turns out, the “Understudy” filling in is none other than Billie Joe Armstrong.  Green Day Billie Joe. How cool would that be?  To see the guy who created American Idiot right there, in the flesh. That’s exactly what  happened in New York City last week. Now I saw the musical, and I had a blast, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like to see it with Billie Joe. Can you? That’s one of those things that happens once in a blue moon, and everyone who was there got a little extra treat for schlepping all the way to Times Square in the first place. So now here’s another casting situation and here’s your chance  to vote on who you think should land one of Hollywood’s most coveted roles. Yesterday we learned that after much hush-hush negotiating Christopher Nolan (the guy behind The Dark Knight and Inception) is planning to produce the new Superman movie. We also learned that he’s got himself a director – one Zack Snyder, who directed Watchmen and 300 but his latest film is that Owl Movie  playing in theaters now. The Owl Movie that looks really good, only I can find neither an adult nor a child willing to go see it with me  (and BTW, why is the Owl Movie rated PG and not G – do the owls swear??)  But here’s the point – so they’re making the new Superman and they have a producer and a director and now – who will star?  And should The Man of Steel be a man or a pup? There’s no word yet on casting choices, but you can bet the internet’s abuzz with suggestions. Now let’s hear your thoughts. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these guys you think should be cast in the next Superman movie:

1)    Ben Affleck

2)    Jon Hamm

3)    Matt Bomer

4)    Ryan Reynolds

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