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I’d like to touch on yesterday’s poll (about who should play the next Superman) as it relates to our national obsession with youth. First of all, it’s always great to get reader feedback, so thanks for your comments. I’m thinking you guys all really, really like Matt Bomer. Now because of his incredible  popularity on this site, I actually watched a few episodes of White Collar where I (re)discovered three things: 1) USA Network does have some serious talent lurking in its stable,  (2) Matt Bomer is indeed absurdly attractive; he’s a bright star whose career has yet to see the meteoric rise it undoubtedly will, and c) the show is only made watchable on account of the delicious banter n’ bromance between its two leads. If you’re a USA network executive, don’t let them go because your show may not last without them. That’s sheer Hepburn & Tracy chemistry, pure and simple, and both men are worth every non-premium cable dollar you’re paying them.  I do have to wonder about the Superman casting age issue, though. Several of you thought that both Affleck and Jon Hamm were way too senior for the job. And even though they may be Jurassic by Hollywood standards, let’s remember that George Reeves (the original, B&W Superman) was in his late thirties playing the Man of Steel, and Ben Affleck played George Reeves playing Superman in the movie Hollywoodland (a great and unseen film  that you should rent if you haven’t caught it) in his mid-thirties. Although the late, great Christopher Reeve definitely began his Superman run in his twenties, so there’s that. Still, I suspect you’re right and they may very well go with a young unknown, which I guess Tom Welling once was. Of course we hear it all the time about how nothing is too young in Hollywood and that life in the town (where I currently live)  is obsessed with the quest for eternal youth. And other things that might be deemed, em, frivolous. Which is fair. In fact just a few weeks ago I was back East for a family gathering and found myself being questioned about the “legitimacy” of life in Los Angeles. And of course I get this constantly, with everyone wondering if what they say about Hollywood is true. Next thing you know my ancient (but well-meaning) mother is asking if anyone in the entertainment business concerns themselves with matters of substance. Of course they do, I told her. To which she responded that this was a good thing, because some of the things she sees on TV suggest otherwise. “I mean really, ” she continued, “Sometimes it looks like the only thing those  stars care about is their appearance. Especially when they’ve botched it up.” This I dismissed out of hand until she added “that’s all we hear about. That and their nasty run-ins with the law, and all those vulgar public displays of affection!” I didn’t push it and was certain that her narrow-mindedness was a combination of advanced age and limited-vision at the grocery store check-out. Hollywood, I was certain, concerned itself with far more than that.  Still, this morning, a cursory check to the internet yielded the following top three entertainment headlines:

Hello Lip Gate: Lisa Rinna Admits to Surgically Reducing the Size of Her Lips!

Just a Hook-up: Talk Show Host Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent Seen Canoodling!

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Bust Popular US Comedian in Guam!

So maybe the entertainment business does come with its own unique set of priorities. But I still think any one of those four guys would make an awesome Superman.

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