Movies: Duhamel, Heigl, Zach & One Blazing Saddle Bearer

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If you’re a moviegoer you have quite a few options tonight at the cineplex. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest a visit to The Social Network. The movie that’s all about our national obsession with seeing, meeting, knowing and interacting with people – but ideally never having to be in the same room with them. It’s a stunning ride, and it also stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake. Now, if you’re in the mood for something new (well, the movie’s new, the premise isn’t) and you don’t mind watching two egregiously attractive TV stars take on the unexpected roles of “parents” you’ll want to check out Life As We Know It. This features Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel (Cocktail Party Trivia: both of them are married to successful musical performers in real life. And Katherine Heigl’s brother-in-law is one-third of Lady Antebellum. There’s something you can toss out in a pinch if you’re stranded near a punchbowl someplace this weekend). In this flick our two golden leads meet anything but cute, and are then charged with raising their godchild whose parents are tragically, em, killed. All I could think of when I watched the trailer was what a tough sell the “deceased parents” bit must be when you’re trying to convince a movie studio to make your hi-jinks-laden romantic comedy. Although, if the number of TV commercials running and billboard ads purchased is any indication, someone’s got money to burn on behalf of Life As We Know It. It looks fun, even if the handsome/beautiful-actor-seizing-up-in-horror-at-the-prospect-of-changing-diapers routine does feel a little 1998. Now, if you’re opting for non-human relationship fare, you might want to catch Secretariat, because who doesn’t love a feel-good racehorse movie and/or Diane Lane? Plus, if you’re the right age you probably remember this horse. And, if you’re that age, you’re probably also wondering about the tagline “The Impossible True Story” because if memory serves, there wasn’t too much that was impossible for Secretariat himself; he was faster than anything on earth at the time, and he won the Triple Crown handily (for the first time in decades). I’m thinking what they mean by “impossible” is that Diane Lane plays the lady who inherited several racehorses and who managed to beat the odds and do something phenomenal with one of them. Like put a jockey on his back and let him run. Secretariat probably took care of the rest. Still, every good movie strives to tell a story, and this one, even though it deals with that rarefied person who inherits a stable to begin with, looks like it’ll boast some thrilling race sequences. I’m also suspecting they have the requisite down-on-his-luck-no-one-thinks-he-can-do-anything-anymore horse trainer character too. Which in turn allows the audience to feel really good, while also allowing John Malkovich to purchase an additional ski-house somewhere. If you’re a sucker for movies about horseracing (as I am), Secretariat’s probably your best bet. And it’s PG to boot so the whole family can partake. Now, for something completely different opening tonight, we have a dark film called It’s Kind of A Funny Story with Zach Galifianakis who’s enjoying about as successful a run as anyone right now on screens both big or small. This indie concerns a psychiatric ward and its patients who may or may not find that love is discoverable almost anywhere. Think lighthearted but smartly-observed One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and you’ll get the idea. This actually looks like an awesome little film. In today’s horror category we have Wes Craven’s latest My Soul To Take which involves a serial killer who was wronged (as opposed to those serial killers who weren’t) and who’s hellbent to murder myriad youngsters in bloody, 3-D carnage. Which will be extremely popular among teenaged boys and any guys whose dates are somehow miraculously unaware of Life As We Know It.

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