Happy Columbus Day

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Happy Columbus Day! Hope you’re enjoying the Long Weekend. Also hope you have today  off — but we realize that many folks do and a fair amount don’t. Some offices recognize the day while others… well, if you’re sitting at work I’m not going to rub it in.  What you might not know however, is that  Columbus Day is celebrated  in extremely different fashions across the country. Thus, if you do happen to be stuck at work wondering  why so many people had the foresight to “call in sick” on a long weekend, here’s some trivia with which to quiz your coworkers.  I took the liberty of doing a little research here, and since you may be doubly frustrated without any mail or banks open to do business in, here are some curious facts you can ask your pals about to see who’s up on holiday trivia.  First of all – you can start by asking everyone:  which  three US states  do not recognize the term Columbus Day? The answer is Hawaii, South Dakota and Nevada.  If anyone gets that right (and it doesn’t count if you live in one of these states) you should feel free to make them elaborate; ask them what it is they DO call the day the rest of us call Columbus Day. If stumped, you can wisely remark that anyone we might know in Honolulu is celebrating Discoverer’s Day today. Meanwhile, if you have friends or family in South Dakota, you might want to email them and wish them a happy, healthy  Native American Day. That said, if you’ve got Nevada on your mind, you should know that the folks in Sin City don’t call it Columbus Day (or anything else for that matter). They “observe” it in some regions, but it’s still not a state holiday. Go figure. Now here’s another little bit of trivia for you. If you happen to be reading this blog from the US Virgin Islands, then you’re well aware that today you’re relaxing at home on account of it being Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Friendship Day. Who knew? And how’s that for something that just rolls off the tongue? So there you have some fun facts that just might add levity to a day that’s not as much of an across-the-boards holiday as we might like to think. Not that this will stop every major department store in the country from having a super-duper blowout sale. And if you do find yourselves patronizing a mall, you should also know that The Social Network –  more than likely playing there – is again the #1 movie in America, enjoying ridiculous word of mouth. I suspect no matter what US state they may be in, Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield are having a pretty good holiday. Nor were Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel or Secretariat able to wrestle that top box office spot away from the Facebook gang. They still placed and showed as they say at the races, and all movies are expecting an additional bump on account of the holiday, so we’ll know for sure about who really really liked what on Tuesday morning. Then in the next few weeks I will be asking you to weigh in on some of the new movies that are currently on the Remake Track — since we’ve gotten some pretty entertaining reports about the current pipeline (e.g. we know about Footloose and Arthur, but how about Red Dawn, Short Circuit, Conan and The Crow — just to name a few?) More on that later. In the meantime, enjoy the  holiday if you have one, and don’t work too hard if you don’t.

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