Oprah, Beyonce, Gaga, or Ellen – Who’s Your Favorite?

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Well, I do love me a list. I make them all the time, and they range in content from groceries, to grievances, to obscure actors, particularly cute dogs, must-see movies, one-hit wonder bands, two-hit wonder bands, and pretty much everything in between. Fortunately Forbes magazine also creates quite an abundance of (far more interesting & comprehensive) lists as well, and their latest Most Powerful Women List is out (peopled with gals who will not necessarily surprise you, but we’ll get to that in a moment). First, I’m still thinking about how emphatically you feel about the Superman movie casting question from last week. As in, we’re still getting comments – which tells me above all else that that you genuinely care about your characters. Superhuman ones or otherwise. Which is certainly one of the reasons why the People’s Choice Awards works as a concept; quite possibly if producers and directors and casting people asked The People about a few other things BEFORE they went ahead and made movies and TV shows, we wouldn’t be presented with so much sub par material. Don’t get me wrong, I love Modern Family and Glee and Mad Men ( even Blue Bloods, with its silly overblown exposition, is growing on me because I like all the family stuff) but for every one of these gooduns there’s something like S#$^)^&*! My Dad Says that’s not gotten canceled but should be, in my humble opinion. Lone Star’s  already gone, as is My Generation (never saw it, rather liked the billboards they had advertising it, even though I’m evidently the only one who did).  I’m not sure why Outlaw is such a(n alleged) dud – and now a canceled one —  but more than one person has told me that the premise of someone voluntarily leaving the Supreme Court Bench seems preposterous. Which it does to me too. On the other hand, I never thought a 16-year old doctor or a guy from planet Mork or a group of people with superhuman powers would work either (and I’m not talking about No Ordinary Family). Bottom line, I think Hollywood needs to ask Main Street about future projects. Besides, the PR machine can create notoriety, but it can’t create quality, can it? Don’t we have reality TV to blame for some of this? Just because someone’s famous and can attract viewers doesn’t mean they’re talented. Nor can any star or starlet – regardless of how many headlines or hits they get —  make a show or a movie watchable;  that happens when there’s a good premise that’s well directed, with talent and well, a few other things that may be tricky to quantify. But now let’s go back to the Forbes’ Power Lady List. Because some of these ladies are famous, some of them aren’t, but they’re all doing one thing or another extremely well. Now of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women  # 1 is First Lady Michelle Obama. That certainly makes sense to me.  Although what I do find interesting is that only four of the top ten ladies are in entertainment – the rest all run companies or, em, countries, and six of the top ten are over 50 years of age (again, this might be significant or mean nothing  but you know I like to look for patterns everywhere). Without any further ado, let’s go to the polls. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these ladies in the top ten on Forbes’ Most Powerful Women List is your favorite:

1)    Oprah

2)    Lady Gaga

3)    Beyonce

4)    Ellen DeGeneres

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