Movies: Jackasses, Old Cold Warriors & Legal Eagles

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So there are three big movies to be aware of today; three big movies hoping to take the lion’s share of business away from The Social Network. I suspect one of them will, and not just because – like so many other films nowadays – it’s in 3D. I’m talking about Jackass, the latest Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, &  the boys adventure wherein they take risks no one should take and then up the peril factor ten-fold. To our delight.  Or, rather to millions of people’s delight but probably not me. Jackass 3D will probably do gangbusters at the box office, and it’s now a really valuable franchise which in and of itself says something a bit curious about our appetite for entertainment. (Do you remember when you could watch Johnny Knoxville tase himself on MTV and all you thought was ‘how inane’ instead of ‘huge breadwinner’?)  Looks like those guys are here to stay and they have every fraternity in America  revved up for a weekend of repeat viewings.  Now, if you’re not a fan, you do have some other options. We have a movie opening called Red about couple of seasoned spies who get called back into service.  The hook here is that we have pedigreed, award-winning actors kicking ass and taking names, despite unusual wisdom and a hearty calcium regimen. This one’s got Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich: evidently the appeal lies in these and other cinematic royalty like Dame Helen Mirren brandishing AK-47s. Enough said, but I’ll bet it’s one heck of a guilty pleasure. Our third movie in theaters is pure Oscar bait. It’s called Conviction and it stars Hilary Swank (who’s gunning for another award, especially since she’s won two Best Actress trophies and last year’s Amelia kind of tanked.)  But they’re saying this one delivers; it’s Swank and Sam Rockwell and they’re brother and sister and he’s convicted of murder and she actually goes to law school so she can defend him (it’s based on a true story). Will this serious movie gain Swank her next big Academy nom? Insiders are saying she’s a contender.  (Plus, it was directed by Tony Goldwyn, the baddie in Ghost, remember?)  So there you have it, three big new releases joining the already popular Facebook movie  as well as Life As We Know It and Secretariat – last week’s newbies that are still filling seats. (One aside, The Social Network, despite nearly universally glowing reviews – and I agree with most of them – is also coming under fire these days on account of its depiction of women ‘in a potentially negative light’.  Both the screenwriter and director have found themselves on the defensive regarding  the less-than-positive lady role models they’ve presented. Not sure how you all feel about this, but you can bet the arguments will heat up as Oscar season nears). So what’ll it be this weekend; pure unadulterated lunacy,  a thriller about our silver years, or a serious crime drama? Let us know. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these three films you’re most excited to see this weekend:

1)    Jackass 3D

2)    Red

3)  Conviction

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