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You know how you wake up and turn on the morning news and they’re all about who got the nod for some huge Hollywood award and you wonder which clowns are behind that nominations process? The one that overlooked so-and-so (your favorite),while  gratuitously celebrating someone else – who you don’t think even deserves it this year? Fortunately for you, all that changes today. Because the PCA polls are now open and it’s time to nominate your favorites. Now’s the time for YOU to tell US just exactly what you think. (Seriously.) Oh sure, it may seem fanciful, the notion of you determining your favorite actor or actress or TV star for a big, nationally televised awards show. When’s the last time someone asked you to select a Favorite Country Star? A Favorite TV Doctor? Or even Favorite Horror Movie? But that’s exactly what the PCA’s are. It’s absolutely real, and it’s really and entirely determined by you. In fact, PCA is the only major Awards Show where the fans – not the suits, not network executives, not the ancient industry insiders who don’t watch anything anyway – choose. It’s the fans and only the fans who get to say who goes home with the trophy. And it’s been happening for 37 years so if you want to be a part of America’s only fan-based voting block for a major show you better start casting your ballots here and now. If you’ve voted in years past, you’ll note I mentioned Songs, Doctors, and Horror Flicks. A little something different from our regular roster. These are brand new categories for 2011. Okay. So how did we arrive at the decision to add these categories?  Oh that’s right. YOU asked for them specifically. So that’s why they’re there. (Told you; it’s entirely fan-based). Plus, there’s another brand new category launching this year in partnership with Moviefone: Favorite Movie Star Under 25. (I know who I want to win.) You can vote here on this site, or, if you’d like you can also make your opinions known via MySpace. Just click here and off you go. Similarly, since apparently you’re nobody if you haven jettisoned yourself into the 21st Century, we’ve added another ultra-modern  PCA voting option. For every one of you who cannot go a day without Tweeting, you can now vote this way too. Over the next few days we’ll let you know how Twitter fans can weigh in. Plus, MSN Wonderwall joins us in presenting your Favorite Web Celeb again too.  In short, the polls are open today, it’s your chance to make your opinion known, and we want to know what you think. So go ahead and tell us who the 2011 PCA Nominees should be. And remember, they’re your call.

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