Favorite Former Child Stars (Pt.1)

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I spent an hour on the radio yesterday with former child actor, now grown-up actor/writer/producer and very accomplished musician Corey Feldman. Anyone who’s my age plus or minus a few years probably couldn’t avoid either a Corey movie or a Corey TV show growing up, and it’s always fun to meet someone who’s been part of your entertainment landscape forever. (Nor had I realized that Feldman’s been in more than 80 movies). Most recently of course his TV work was that reality series The Two Coreys in conjunction with the late Corey Haim, who was also his best friend and costar in a number of films over the years. One of them – The Lost Boys – is now part of a larger event that’s happening on the west coast. Corey and his band The Truth Movement are launching a live show called “The Lost Boys Ball”  (in Las Vegas and Los Angeles) where they screen the film with cast members and then play live shows. (Turns out you can’t have too many vampires on today’s entertainment landscape). Speaking of stars – and specifically younger ones – as you know we’re right in the thick of it for PCA Nominations (if you haven’t voted today, click here)…but especially cool this year is a new category we’ve launched in partnership with Moviefone, ‘Favorite Movie Star Under 25’.  Now tomorrow we’re going to be talking a lot more about some of these fresh young things, but today you might want to check out Moviefone’s 25 Under 25 – where they take a peek at some of Hollywood’s most dynamic young players. Indeed, these are the kids who aren’t even the future of movies – they are movies – commanding  princely sums of cash to appear in juggernaut film franchises which are subsequently adored by millions (full disclosure: I am occasionally one of those millions). Anyway, check Moviefone’s feature because it’s an interesting take on these young heartthrobs and the next thing you know, we may all be hard-pressed to name 25 stars over 25.  And one more thing …one of today’s youngest of the young is le petit prince Justin Bieber. Okay,  I get it (because seventeen zillion ten-year old girls can’t be wrong, and I certainly had pictures of David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy and Bobby Sherman on my bedroom walls interspersed with enough pictures of mares, foals and galloping Mustangs to line an airplane hangar). But here’s what I don’t get. So I’m of the feeling that most people over 25 aren’t crazy for that uncombed (or erroneously combed) hair Justin sports  — or are they? Am I crazy or are more and more men (older ones who can rent cars legally, many of whom own homes and have children) starting to sport a certain hybrid Justin Bieber hairdo? It was imperceptible at first, but certainly here in Los Angeles I am definitely starting to notice it. When you ask them they shrug it off but I’m detecting a change here. Perhaps Bieber Fever isn’t just for the bobby soxers anymore.

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