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I honestly don’t know how many of you a) already LOVE David Archuleta,  b) just discovered him for the first time, or c) were curious about the young man. Whatever it is, let’s just say he’s a very, very popular guy indeed. And I’m a teensy bit sold myself. Everybody’s talking about Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Indian nuptials (with apparent wedding gifts of a tiger and an elephant – is this ever a good idea? Now I’m a fan of both of those guys, and even though I’d love it if someone gave me a member of one of our most majestic four- legged endangered species with enough money to feed, bathe, and exercise it regularly, I still worry about those types of gifts. But maybe that’s just me. I lost a small housecat in a breakup once and was totally devastated – what happens to Dumbo if things go south in that situation?).

But what I really want to talk about today is TV. NBC has picked up several shows: Chase, Outsourced; Law&Order: LA,  The Event, etc,  and we discussed the high-octane viewership group that’s apparently why they did this. Meanwhile,  ABC has said “yes” to No Ordinary Family (although I don’t think this Pretty Ordinary Drama will last) and “no” to The Whole Truth (even though it wasn’t that bad). But now CBS seems to be feeling very flush and they’ve okayed more episodes of their big new shows:  Blue Bloods, The Defenders, S@#$! My Dad Says, Mike & Molly, and Hawaii Five-O. This is not surprising to me. Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods? No brainer. The William Shatner one with the ridiculous title that’s got every parents’ & decency group up in arms? I say to those angry/indignant/ horrified people – do not worry. Do not waste your time and energy picketing/protesting the show.  It’s not going to last anyway and it will die – not because you boycotted it, but because it was based on a blog and it feels like a blog and it should still be a blog and it will return to being a blog because it’s bad and it never should have been a TV show in the first place. So please why don’t all those picketers go after something else like all the violence on TV that doesn’t bother anyone but me.

By the way, does it seem at all odd that the only people who actually like those awful photos of the Glee kids in GQ are also the exact people who have never and won’t ever watch a single episode of Glee? (i.e. 14-35 year-old straight men). So we’ll stay tuned and see what fall TV lasts and what doesn’t, all the while missing those days when you could watch something and be reasonably confident it wouldn’t be gone the following week.  Not a lot of permanence these days.  See why I’m worried about the tiger and the elephant?

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