Taylor Swift Takes Flight!

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Not two minutes after I posted yesterday’s poll about Taylor Swift’s album did I discover exactly which venue will be the next stop for pop music’s reigning It Girl.

See, with Speak Now out (and selling very nicely) Taylor’s all about hitting the road to promote it, and of course her nineteen zillion fans couldn’t be happier. She’s got any number of gigs lined up. So let’s see how thrilled they are about the one Taylor’s performing in today. Are you ready? Because nowadays this particular venue is not one we typically associate with a pleasant experience – let alone a place for one of the most popular young chanteuses on earth.  She’ll  be singing  at…

The airport.

As in, JFK Airport.  In New York. One of the nation’s largest (and most antiquated) airports with entire countries between terminals (and in my experience, an apparent boycott on ATM machines).   According to CNN: “Taylor Swift will perform live at the airline’s Terminal 5 on Wednesday as part of its “Live from T5” concert series. The concert will take place in the post-security Marketplace area and will only be seen by passengers who are traveling through the terminal that day. No tickets of admission will be sold to the public. The event will take place some time in the evening.” Nor according to Jet Blue, is Taylor the first – they’ve also hosted terminal concerts with Sarah McLachlan and Daughtry. Ok. Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever seen one of your favorite singers or bands ? I mean we’ve all been to our fair share of shopping malls.  As a kid I certainly trekked out to any number of unlikely spots in order to join throngs of others heralding an appearance by some young swain or another. In fact, years later I even participated in one of these “live events”. I happened to be performing in a summer stock musical in upstate New York when, in dire need of increased audience numbers (something Taylor Swift will never be familiar with) the director of our show dispatched everyone to the local mall. Here, we were instructed to perform a singing and dancing routine inside a record store (a place  many of our readers will never be familiar with, either).  So, for what seemed like an eternity at ten o’clock on a Saturday morning my eleven cast members and I wound and wove our way through the racks of CD’s, singing, spinning, high-stepping and trying to avoid shoppers who hadn’t managed to escape our musical onslaught in time. Furthermore, we didn’t exactly have an orchestra to back up our musical number – rather, our director pressed ‘play’ on an ancient boom box and off we went.  I’m pretty sure we did actually garner a few more audience members for the show over the next few weeks on account of that stunt. It was however, a little humiliating with the bright blue plush record store carpeting, belting out our solo numbers under fluorescent lights, frequently interrupted by an announcer on the loudspeaker reminding customers about Nirvana’s latest album and the new Lionel Richie retrospective now on sale in Aisle Three.

Will Taylor Swift be anything less than delightful performing in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK? I sincerely doubt it. She’s undeniably talented. Nor was this her idea, clearly. Is an airport a less-than-smart place to have a concert when people are already agitated and running late? Probably. On the other hand, if there are enough bored and cranky kids in that terminal,  perhaps not crazy about flying in the first place, and they happen to stumble upon their favorite singer as they’re wandering around aimlessly and possibly a little anxiety-ridden, then it might just be worth it.

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