PCA Noms are Here (Now? It’s Your Move)

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So the PCA Nominations are out, and Tuesday saw a very cool poolside Press Conference, presided over by the one and only Queen Latifah. Okay, I live in Hollywood and most people who do, manage  (just based on laws of grocery stores, restaurants & shopping areas alone ) to see celebrities wandering around. It’s commonplace, you get used to it, and pretty soon you stop paying attention altogether. But you have not seen striking til you’ve seen The Queen in the flesh. She is some kind of spectacular.  And hilarious. In fact, they had a bunch of celebs making the PCA Nominee Announcements who managed to defy all sorts of Hollywood stereotypes and each one proved him or herself  kind of enchanting. I have no idea who booked everyone but that person was definitely not having an off day. Nor did I have any idea what to expect, since it was first thing in the morning …you know…and who looks good or says anything interesting?  Turns out, they did. I interviewed Malin Akerman – who exudes class and poise.  She is also Swedish, funny, and will hopefully one day learn what pores look like – although she doesn’t appear to have any herself. Let’s pay attention to that gal. Plus we chatted with AnnaLynne McCord and Audrina Patridge –stunning ladies strolling around the rooftop like a pair of sleek egrets. Michael Chiklis – warm and charming as always, and Jeff Probst who’s about as comfy as they get (I guess that’s the ease that comes with hosting shows in potentially hazardous locales that feature dangerous wildlife and even more dangerous contestants). Zachary Levi – cute, smart, personable and another Tinseltown improbable: tall. So they told us who was up for what award. Turns out? Yes, curiously, the People found Eclipse and The Vampire Diaries strangely popular. Go figure. Favorite Star Under 25 presented by Moviefone: Rpattz, Kstew, Vanessa & Zac, and Emma Watson. That’s a category I’ll follow closely. Plus I was delighted that some of my favorite Family Movies were nominated. Obviously we’ll get to specifics down the road.  The point is, if that Press Conference is any indication (and I can say this because even though I work for the People’s Choice Awards I’ve also been to any number of Hollywood Press Conferences and believe you me, most of them are serious snores) – if that one’s indicative of anything it’s that this year’s awards are going to be a lot of fun. Expect to be impressed. And of course in order to get there everyone has to vote — which couldn’t be easier. Plus PCA mobile partner Kyocera has a pretty cool Droid app which you might want to check out, that literally makes voting even easier still. So get going, get voting, vote early and often, and make sure the star, starlet, duet , TV family, doctor, on-screen team, song, or band you like gets the votes they deserve.  You know, so you can sit back and feel proud of yourself on January 5th, 2011 and say “Congratulations on your award. I’m why you got it.”

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