Today’s Movies: Denzel vs. Trains & Romantic Comedies

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The weekend is here, PCA voting’s underway (are you voting?  Did you get the new Droid voting app? Have you decided who needs to take home each one of those trophies in January?) Okay…more immediately, it’s Friday and we have a few movies to check out at the local cineplex. Now the movie studios have gone and thrown a wrench in it for anyone who’s on a date this weekend, because there‘s a hotly anticipated chick flick that’s likely to duke it out with an adrenaline-charged thriller (starring hot guys). See how they do this, causing  havoc for blind dates?  And for young-couples-just-getting-to-know-each-other dates who want to feel like they’re flexible but maybe the movie choices look pretty “Either/Or”? My money’s on the chick flick but I know Unstoppable’s going to do huge business at the box office and zillions will flock to it. So here goes: first up, said chick flick is called Morning Glory (it headlined yesterday’s poll) and while it may not be an entirely new concept, the cast alone will ensure nice opening weekend attendance, to say the least. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are anchors at a TV station where everything‘s headed downhill and it’s up to Rachel McAdams to right the ship. Then throw Patrick Wilson in for some romantic intrigue, and you have a breezy comedy that I’ll see, oh probably before the sun sets on the West Coast. Unstoppable has an entirely different premise of course: with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine trying valiantly to stop a runaway train carrying toxic chemicals  (isn’t it always the toxic-chemical bearing trains that get away? We never hear about the desperate race against time to stop the train carrying Florida oranges or lawn furniture, do we?)  If you’re wondering, Chris Pine’s the guy who played Captain Kirk in the recent Star Trek remake and I suspect that he’ll become a Brad Pitt/Harrison Ford-type household name within five years. But that’s just me. Plus Tony Scott directed Unstoppable and he also made Top Gun and Days of Thunder so he knows a thing or two about speedy vehicles. It’s also based on a true story so there’s  cred involved. Additionally its title alone is catnip for Monday morning box office headlines, no? There’s a very cool documentary out this weekend too, called Client 9 —  all about former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s rise to fame and his subsequent downward spiral on account of assignations with a Lady Of The Night. Now, if you’re up for lighter fare, there’s a space alien picture in theaters today called Skyline that was apparently made for about sixteen dollars in the filmmakers’ back yard which may generate that cult-y buzz that the first Paranormal Activity did. In this one, apparently freaky lights draw everyone outdoors where something extremely dangerous that wasn’t born here threatens to snap the whole world up in one bite. You get the drill. Might be fun. Far as I’m concerned though, there’s nothing’s more fun than a plucky young heroine trying to mobilize sparring anchors to bring a TV station back to life, now is there? Have a great weekend … and don’t forget to vote.

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