PCA Nominees: Leo’s Best Film?

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Today we continue our examination of your choices for 2011 PCA’s Favorite Movie Actor. Yesterday we discussed nominee Johnny Depp. And surprisingly, many of you were content to vote on the movie titles I supplied when in fact I’d been certain you would ask where BLANK and BLANK were on our list. (Even I wished I could have included Public Enemies and Donnie Brasco but there wasn’t room).  So today we move on to Leonardo DiCaprio. Which is ironic because just yesterday Aussie filmmaker Baz Luhrmann announced that he’d found his Daisy Buchanan (to play opposite Leo’s Jay Gatsby in the remake of The Great Gatsby). Turns out, Luhrmann’s going to go with Oscar-nominated British starlet Carey Mulligan. Remember her in the fabulous film An Education? She was stunning. Remember her that dreadful film Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps (But You Will Should You Happen To Purchase a Ticket) ? She was one of the flick’s only redeeming points. Now, did you read The Great Gatsby in high school? Lots of people were, em, encouraged to …and it’s considered a classic of American storytelling. So when they made it into a movie in 1974 and it didn’t get the greatest reviews in the world, it was still cool/iconic/gorgeous  enough to become frozen in lots of peoples’ memories. Perhaps frozen enough to think that a remake would somehow be sacrilege. Only now (she acknowledged, begrudgingly) since it is Baz Luhrmann and it is Leo and it is Carey Mulligan, well, even if it’s a stinker I’ll probably go see it. Twice. Even if it doesn’t hit a theater near you, me, or anyone else for another seven years. Apparently Baz had every winsome young thing in Hollywood with a lovely smile, translucent skin, a pair of Uggs, and a savvy agent gunning for that part – and Carey snagged it. Now let’s talk about the guy who would be Jay Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio shot to mega-hyper-extragalactic superstardom in a little movie called Titanic. I remember going to see it in 1997 and getting totally swept up in the whole thing; meanwhile I think  everyone in America and in all other movie-going lands felt the exact same way. About two months later I distinctly remember encountering someone at a party who said he hadn’t liked it and it didn’t deserve the hype and thinking at the time that this was a ludicrous and nearly unforgivable remark uttered by a fool — tantamount to declaring you didn’t like “food” or “sleep”. That’s how totally Leo, That Movie and That Cursed Song had engulfed the globe in Titanic mania. So we’ll put that in our poll for today. Then of course he has gone on to star in many, many critically acclaimed and insanely popular pics – playing everything from a South African diamond mercenary to an eccentric inventor to all forms of con-men – with any number of lotharios and Romeos (literally) sprinkled in between. Like Depp he has the respect of both fans and peers alike, and his current pic Inception is also a PCA Nominee, gathering huge awards buzz since its inception. For today’s poll, as with Johnny Depp you’ll probably want to point out some glaring omissions because the guy’s just plain done tons of awesome stuff, so feel free to add any other Leo pics that you’re crazy about. Now then, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Leonardo DiCaprio movies is your favorite:

1) The Departed

2) Inception

3) Shutter Island

4) Titanic

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