What’s Your Favorite Robert Downey, Jr. Movie?

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So it’s Day Three in our week of PCA’s Favorite Movie Actors and the plot’s definitely thickeningbecause both Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp have overwhelming fan bases, and today we add Robert Downey, Jr. to the mix. (Which is why if one of these five nominees sparks your interest, you should definitely vote – and then just for good measure, do it all over again because there’s nothing quite like seeing someone triumph on account of you now, is there? ) But first – gotta say something concerning the current Remake Epidemic as it relates to our Favorite Movie Actors. In much the same way that Leo is tied to the Gatsby remake, Robert Downey, Jr. is also tied to a landmark  film that’s being er, rebooted. (Truthfully, I had thought remaking  The Great Gatsby was iffy, largely because the original had such an iconic place in memory – despite the fact that the film itself wasn’t exactly adored by critics). But I’m growing comfier with the idea, as I imagine  many in my age group are.  But The Great Gatsby is one thing. How about The Wizard Of Oz?? Is that something you ever imagined in your lifetime?  It’s happening – there are actually two of them underway, and Robert Downey, Jr. is set to star in one. He’s attached to the less-exact-copy-of-the-original version. Reportedly, Sam Raimi has a screenplay he’s working on starring  Downey, although this one looks  more Wicked and less Wizard, if you know what I mean. There’s some reimagining  going on. Director Robert Zemeckis, however has announced that he’ll also be at the helm of an actual Wizard of Oz  remake – using the original script. Which is quite something, if you ask me. How do you feel about this? Do you find The Wizard of Oz beyond remakable? Not sure anymore; we’ll see…although I am excited to see the off-kilter take Downey’s headlining. Now let’s get back to RD,Jr the People’s Choice Nominee. Today we take an entirely different direction stylistically from the other two guys. To be fair,  all of them share lots of similar characteristics but certainly Robert Downey Jr., seems quirkier.  And, he’s had his ups and downs. But who doesn’t love a comeback? Downey has been quite open about battling various demons, and he was not afraid to talk about the  pressures that surround you when you’re a young and very in-demand actor. (Less Than Zero, anyone?) He’s gone through a rough time and he’s lived to tell about it which is absolutely part of his tremendous appeal.The other part of his appeal is that you cannot take your eyes off him when he is on camera. Plus – he’s down with drama and comedy in equal measure; he can make the most mundane roles funny and he’s been known to save a movie or two with his bristling performance. What’s more, he’s seemingly fearless and has done well on TV too – which not all movie stars can say. And best of all, he’s a cerebral actor known for playing smart roles who also inadvertently became an action star overnight and later in life. How cool is that? Part of an action superhero franchise, no less. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Robert Downey, Jr. films is your favorite:

1)    Chaplin

2)    Iron Man (1&2)

3)    Sherlock Holmes

4)   Tropic Thunder

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