Rob Pattinson: Which Movie Is Your Favorite?

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Today we look at yet another hunky Favorite Movie Actor who’s gotten himself nominated for a People’s Choice Award. And while we’re on the topic of hunky actors, does everyone agree with People Magazine’s selection of Ryan Reynolds as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive? Would he be Your Choice? By all reports he’s a pretty winning guy and I’m even told extremely self-effacing and humble which, as today’s Favorite Movie Actor Nominee will also tell you, is the only way to go when you’re impossibly attractive. So here goes. Yesterday we talked about Downey, before him DiCaprio and Depp, and now we’re going to bring it down a few notches in the age department, and up a few notches in the scream department. As in, there’s a seriously elevated decibel & pitch to the screams heard round the world emanating from tweens, teens and TwiMoms everywhere who just cannot get enough of Robert Pattinson. The English star (who can now only play someone walking down the street unnoticed on camera) got his first major break as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. Or as nearly every member of the press identifies him, the “doomed Cedric Diggory”. Maybe that’s so we can tell which HP movie is which, for the nine of us on the earth who didn’t read those books. And of course we’ll be discussing Daniel Radcliffe and the gang tomorrow with their latest. But back to Rpattz. So after his turn in Harry Potter he was cast as dreamy vampire-with-a-heart-of-gold  Edward Cullen. Initially the thirty-seven million people who devoured the Twilight books were incensed with Pattinson’s casting and condemned the project altogether. All wrong! the indignant masses shouted. Only then a very curious thing happened – Twilight actually opened in theaters. Cut to today, and Rob Pattinson requires a 24-hour security detail capable of warding off the most aggressive of barbarian hordes. And he can pretty much forget about walking down the street unnoticed. But like I said, either the English  have mastered something or the producers of Twilight have hired the best coaches around,  because in every appearance Pattinson is completely self-effacing and seems genuinely mystified by the hype. He just smiles a lot and looks rather befuddled. Which is of course catnip to fans. Turns out? I too drank the Kool-Aid. I saw that movie. I bought the books. I read them. Possibly more than once. I’ve seen all the subsequent films within six hours of their opening. So I’m a fan — even though I’d never before cared one iota about vampires, werewolves or the Pacific Northwest. The whole thing looked this side of hokey to me, and then, well,  I got  just a teensy bit hooked (even if New Moon was a dog). In fact fundamentally, I still don’t care about vampires, werewolves, or the Pacific Northwest but I sure do love that Bella /Edward thing. Whether Rob Pattinson will ever  be remembered for anything besides the Twilight Saga is subject to debate (nor do I even want to think about how many internet chat rooms have already devoted themselves to this discussion) but he’s made a  big splash already. And he’s not yet 25. So it’s probably safe to say he’s got years to show the world just what he can do. But for now, he’s busy at work on the first part of Breaking Dawn which comes out next year. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Robert Pattinson movies is your favorite:

1)    Remember Me

2)    Twilight

3)    New Moon

4)    Eclipse

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