Who Caught The AMA’s?

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Who saw Harry Potter? Who helped make it the biggest HP debut ever with $125 million clams – and it’s not even Thanksgiving (next weekend is when we have mad moviegoing). Who caught the AMA’s? I thought they were pretty cool. It was a huge night for Justin BieberTaylor Swift and Rihanna also had plenty to celebrate, and the evening made up in set dressings and pyrotechnics what it lacked in energy from the human element.

Now once again (and I gotta say I don’t know too much about the guy so this is not necessarily a groundbreaking revelation) – Usher was superb. And even in this world of lip-syncing, it’s pretty clear that he’s doing everything he looks like he’s doing, from the moves to the breathing. I’m pretty sold. Also, Pink genuinely brought the show to life (and there were some stretches where it could have used  quite a bit more em, Pink). I am a little confused by the whole piano thing, because I’m thinking they put young stars behind pianos so we will remember that they are also “multitalented” and “musicians”. It always seems to work for Justin Timberlake. They did this with M. Bieber and Mlle. Swift. And I’ve no doubt they are both wildly talented. However, when Justin stood up there was a fair amount of piano music to be heard despite his being nowhere near the ivories. Maybe they should just leave the televised piano stuff to Elton John and Chris Martin. Just saying. I found Ne-Yo pretty intriguing, although I could have done without his little mini-opera. Plus, cheesy or guilty pleasure (not that this was an evening rife with high art/ bravura performance anyway) it was great to see NKOTBSB in all of their choreographed glory. And either their training as Boy Band Boys is something that you never kick and it stays ingrained in your body forever – or else they rehearsed  quite a bit, because theirs’ was the most winning/entertaining number of the night. To that point of “entertainment” — some of the show’s performers were given less-than-scintillating song choices wherein they couldn’t belt or move too much (Swift, Cyrus) – which made the evening slightly languid.  Although Ke$ha, despite being party to an awkward dance number (that appeared to feature members of Missing Persons) still managed to charm everyone, myself included. Before we get to the poll I did have a few AMA questions. For those of you who watched 1) Why was Justin Bieber wearing old-school ski boots?  2) Why didn’t Katy Perry sing Teenage Dream so that we would all stop thinking about the Darren Criss Glee version? 3) Afterwards, do the country stars party with the R&B stars and the pop stars or do they go to separate parties? (Plus, if the after-parties are genre specific, 4) um, where does Muse go after the show because they didn’t look like they fit in with any group there?) and 5) who advised Gavin Rossdale – an extremely attractive man to begin with – to wear his hair in a bun on national television? All in all, it was a fun night and it looked like the fans got what they wanted. Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which act during the 2010 AMA’s was your favorite:

1)    Justin Bieber

2)    Rihanna

3)    Katy Perry


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