Buffy’s Back(!) & Taylor Lautner’s Best Movie…

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Remember how Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a movie long before it became a hit TV show ushering in the vampire craze?  (Okay, maybe Anne Rice had something to do with that craze too, although her vampires were decidedly creepier, nor were they prime-time friendly). Well, it turns out that they’re bringing Buffy back – the movie, not the TV show.  It’s the latest in the Big Remakes push. Will you watch it? Were you a fan? The scuttlebutt in Hollywood on this remake is also that the legendary Joss Whedon, the man behind the original Buffy, will not be involved… and this has fans in an uproar. (I never watched the show but I’ve interviewed  Joss and he’s certainly one sharp guy. Plus an interesting fact which certainly adds to his mystique – the only music he listens to while working? Soundtracks. I thought that was pretty cool.)

Moving on — and it’s pure coincidence that the subject matter here is linked thematically —  it’s time to revisit Nominees. As in, today we conclude our look at the People’s Choice Award Nominees for Favorite Movie Actor with our final of five hunky guys we love to love. We’ve looked at Depp, DiCaprio, Downey and Pattinson and now it’s time to set our sites on a young man who can neither vote nor drink alcohol nor rent a car in this country. But given the hysteria surrounding him at last year’s PCA’s, I suspect there are any number of ladies who would rent him pretty much anything he wanted. The baby of our Favorite Movie Actors is of course Taylor Lautner, whose transformation from man to wolf was only overshadowed by his transformation from boy to larger boy in order to keep the coveted  Twilight role. Lautner allegedly packed on some 30 lbs and the movie studio wasted no time  making sure every single one of them was visible in all their sculpted, buffed n’ cut glory. His Jacob Black went from boyish appealing after-school-special actor with a ridiculous wig and clunky/awkward / defiant lines, to eye-catching hot guy rising to the task of a noble creature looking after his beloved. Pretty amazing; the guy’s worked hard, he’s maintained a good attitude and he can laugh at himself – even when Taylor Swift might be laughing a little too. Nor is it easy to host SNL when you’re 40 —  let alone 18. So here’s to growing up very, very fast. And to being a major heartthrob at a very young age. He’s been working steadily since childhood, although he hasn’t made a ton of movies yet — so let’s just examine the big starring roles (bear in mind we already did these for Rob, but here’s where the Team Jacob types get to weigh in.) Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of Taylor Lautner’s movies is your favorite:

1)    Twilight

2)    New Moon

3)    Eclipse

4)   The Adventure of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D

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