Your Nominees: Favorite Jennifer Aniston Role?

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Have you voted yet? There’s still  time to make a huge difference and ensure that the person you want to win on January 5th at the People’s Choice Awards actually does. Pretty nice, knowing you can make something like that happen simply by clicking.  Or Tweeting. Now that’s power. Today we’ll kick off another one of my favorite categories – Favorite Movie Actress – and then we’ll take a look at some of those ladies’ careers. But before we do anything of the sort, there’s a certain (shocking,  revelatory, mysterious, maybe shrewd, but maybe too out-there) news item that absolutely bears mentioning.  It seems James Franco and Anne Hathaway have been tapped to host the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Pretty crazy, right? I mean, really. No comedians. No personalities.  No song and dance men (we all liked it when Hugh ran that show). No seasoned Hollywood  pillars of anything. Just a couple of good-looking and very talented kids:  32 and 28, respectively. Both of whom may land nominations themselves this year (one’s expected to be a shoo-in with his 127 Hours performance and the other may get attention due to her role in Love and Other Drugs). But here’s what’s going on…the Academy needs a little help these days. They need a younger, cooler image because they’re losing viewers  (um, nor would it be sporting/polite  to point out that with one Queen Latifah a certain awards show is only growing in popularity and attracting more and more viewers of all ages from around the world every day). So the folks behind Oscar are trying a brand new tack. Which doesn’t really apply to entertainment buffs like me and I’m guessing many of you because we’ll watch it anyway. Plus, of all  the young up-and-coming actors these two are certainly capable enough, and they both have a ton of charisma. They’re relatively gossip-free at present and Franco at least has made no bones about his interest in a broad and varied career, as evidenced by his participation in art exhibits and on General Hospital. Here’s the thing though – how much would you have wanted to be a fly on the wall when the names got tossed around? Who else was in the running?  Did they consider George Clooney?  Was Hugh Jackman super-busy? Did Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg politely say “never again”? Those are the questions that I’d like to see answered.

But rather than wait around, let’s take a peek at our first (alphabetically-listed) actress in the running for the PCA’s Favorite Movie Actress Award. Right out of the gate we have Jennifer Aniston — definitely one of America’s sweethearts.  Here’s a lady who’s been through the ringer in the tabloids — but she’s managed to keep going while delivering great work. Nor does anyone mind that after Brad Pitt peeled she chose a few dubious guys (okay maybe not a few but John Mayer is equal to about three iffy guys combined). When you look that good, and remain able to laugh at yourself on- and off-screen, who cares? Plus, I feel like she is one of the few actresses around today who can actually make their costars seem more attractive – not sure how that works, but it does. She was one of the few TV megastars able to transition to film in a major (and extremely lucrative) way, and she’s also kept her fans on board every step of the way. In particular, she’s kept her fan gender balance intact – that is to say, the huge Hollywood lady stars always have to walk a fine line between adoring guys and gals. If you’re too beautiful you run the risk of alienating women unless you’re super down-to-earth (as Jen is) and if you’re too I’m-just-one-of-the-gals-and-guys-suck you turn off all the boys watching you. For several decades Jennifer Aniston has kept both sexes on her team; she can make whatever movie she wants nowadays, she has superb comic timing and even if she’s had a tough time in the Love Department, nobody’s particularly worried about her. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Jennifer Aniston movies is your favorite:

1)    The Bounty Hunter

2)    The Break-Up

3)    Marley & Me

4)    The Switch

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