One Cool New Flick + What’s Your Fave Julia Roberts Film?

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Did you get a chance to vote yet? If you’d like to  – and we sincerely hope you will — you’ve got two days left before the PCA polls officially close. That’s 48 hours’ worth of pure, unadulterated you-control-the-future  & you-determine-the-People’s-Choice -Winners  opportunity. Plus, today and tomorrow we’ll be examining the illustrious careers of our final two Favorite Movie Actress nominees. But before we get there, just a quick note on a little movie I caught this weekend that you might want to check out.  It’s called The King’s Speech and it’s based on a true story set in England right at the beginning of World War II. Colin Firth plays the man who unwittingly ascends to the throne of England (can’t say why, that’s part of the movie) who also has a very pronounced stammer which paralyzes him with fear whenever he addresses  a crowd. Since the whole public speaking thing is pretty much at the top of a King’s Job description  (or any Miscellaneous Monarch, for that matter) Firth’s character finds himself in a terrible bind. So, he calls upon a speech therapist and the rest is, in addition to actual history, a very, very good film. If you’re not totally familiar with Colin Firth, he was the good guy in Bridget Jones’ Diary. If you can see it, do – although The King’s Speech might be  sorta tricky to find right now. It will however go wide in theaters once a) word of mouth spreads and b) Firth wins the Oscar, which I predict will absolutely happen. So there’s that. The whole thing’s fantastic and for those of us with-less-than-stellar attention spans it’s nicely paced even though it’s em, English (sometimes they can plod along intelligently with the gorgeous meadows and next thing you know someone’s shaking you awake and there’s popcorn everywhere. Hasn’t that happened to you?) Thus  if you’d like to be ahead of the curve in the awesome new flick department, do not miss The King’s Speech.

Now let’s get to our voting. Last week, we looked at three of the Favorite Movie Actress nominees  (Aniston, Heigl, Jolie)  and today we’ll discuss the fourth. People’s Choice Award-winner Julia Roberts won hearts the world over with Pretty Woman, and her 100-watt smile has been a permanent fixture in our entertainment consciousness ever since. The girl from a small Georgia town (whose big brother Eric kicked off the family acting bug) would soon become one of the most well-known, prolific and highly-paid actresses on this earth. Plus she’s a mom several times over. Oh and there’s an Oscar in there too. Roberts has worked with virtually every Hollywood leading man, she’s as compelling in a dramatic role as she is facile and charming in comedy, and she has yet to show any signs of slowing down. Now let’s get to her films, which are many, many, —  so feel free to add your picks if they’re not here. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll, take a peek at the movies listed and tell us which one of these Julie Roberts films is your favorite:

1)    Eat Pray Love

2)    Erin Brockovich

3) Notting Hill

4) Pretty Woman

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