Reality TV Stars: Who Earns What?

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Well, the PCA polls are closed and so now the tallying begins. I have no idea how it works but there’s a lot of math involved so that means I’ll steer clear until January 5th when we get to find out who won what. And I can tell you right now that Queen Latifah et al have some amazing stuff planned for Awards Night. Plus there are two key categories that you can still vote on right up til then.

Though today, rather than discuss the actors and actresses who star in the movies we love, I thought we’d take a little detour into another kind of math. See every now and then it’s fun to consider what reality stars earn (not that I’d actually ever considered it until I noticed something  in US Weekly, and rather than just stare in amazement/wonder/disbelief  I thought I’d toss it out and see what you all  think). To be fair, this is not a total departure from our PCA nominees, because several of the folks on this list happen to be among our People’s Choice Favorite TV Guilty Pleasures. And now, it seems someone’s tallied up the results of their reality show paychecks and figured out who’s on top. So here goes:  Kim Kardashian is #1 on the list – and reportedly she earned $6 million dollars this year just well, being herself. Cool! In second place, we have Lauren Conrad with a $5 million paycheck, and just behind her is Audrina Patridge with $4 million.  Kate Gosselin brought in $3.5 million. Not bad. Nor are these dollars strictly from TV appearances – girls like the Kardashians are smart and know that the real lucre is in endorsements. Their cash comes from weight-loss supplements and a cupcake mix (which hopefully aren’t directed towards the same people). What do you think? Are these guys worth it? (I’d actually say yes because even though I’m no fan of reality shows, there’s something compelling about each and every one of them and if they attract viewers based on their talents/excesses/hotness/abs/ controversies, then they’ve done their job. No matter how horrifying, and trainwreck-y that might be. ) Now whenever we do a poll and list reality stars there are any number of people who scoff and say they will not (& could never be paid enough to) watch any of these programs. Still, someone does, and what’s more, someone’s deriving a great deal of satisfaction out of these guiltiest of pleasures and the whopping paychecks attached to their antics. So let’s see what you think about a few of them; specifically who’s worth it. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these reality stars is your favorite.

1)   Bethenny Frankel ($4 million)

2)    Kate Gosselin ($3.5 million)

3)   Kim Kardashian  ($6 million)

4)   Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: ($3 million)

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